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This type of engine will guarantee you a 262 horsepower coupled with 248 pound-feet of torque.
The exterior will somehow give you the feeling that it is familiar but new all at the same time. Be sure to check out the other options like Vista Moonroof, Sirius Travel Link and the rear-console refrigerator which are getting rave reviews. The Explorer was never a truly outstanding answer to the family-wagon question, so a couple years back Ford created the Flex, which is an outstanding answer.
Ford’s complete myFordTouch system makes its second appearance here after the debut in the Edge. By the numbers, the Explorer’s cargo capacity falls way behind that of the GM Lambdas, with approximately eighty cubic feet of max space versus one hundred and sixteen, but numbers might not tell the whole story.
I was lucky enough to get some snow and ice during my time with the Explorer, and I found it to be more or less as competent as the AWD Flex, which is to say competent enough.
As a Ford salesman in the mid-Nineties, I continually struggled to divert Explorer buyers into Taurus wagons. I’ll have my own review soon, with a focus on how the new Explorer compares to the Taurus X I recently bought. I personally think the Flex feels smaller from behind the wheel (as in total vehicle size, both are very roomy inside), but that could be from the better visibility in the Flex. Personally, I cannot wait for this fad of gunslit greenhouses to go away like leisure suits and polyester pants. I think it’s been stated here before, but could the Freestyle not have sold well because Ford didn’t really market the the very well? The new Explorer may just be a made over Flex, but Jullian Michaels is proof that a good makeover can do wonders. That being said I personally find the new Explorer Plug-Fugly and I’m not a Ford hater either. Do not be deceived though because this has easily earned a top score among sports utility vehicles.
First, of course is the standard engine which is a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a variable valve timing. While this may not be among the best among its contemporaries and class, it still sure is decent.

This comes with a 3.5-liter engine that produces 355 of horsepower through twin turbo chargers and gasoline direct injection. As with the Edge, there’s that odd cognitive dissonance between the pressure-touch main screen (as one might find in a modern automated teller machine) and the capacitance-touch center stack (think iPhone or Droid). The Flex is a kid-seat superstar, able to effortlessly swallow two of today’s monstrous rear-facing infant enclosures without cramping the other passengers or permanently disfiguring the seatbacks ahead of them.
There’s a price to be paid for SUV styling, and in this case the price comes in the form of a shorter wheelbase. Real-world capacity probably isn’t that different, and the web forums are abuzz with allegations of clever measurement and fractions of cubic feet found in cubbyholes.
I had a dozen reasons primed and ready to go in favor of the ovoid bull, from fuel economy to crash safety, with a pinch of comfort thrown in. The Freestyle DNA is obvious from the rear quarter of the car, and that vehicle never sold well, either as a Freestyle or as a Taurus X.
I don’t remember seeing more than about 2 commercials for it during the entire run as either a Freestyle or Taurus X.
And one of the best things about this model is that Ford allows you to choose the mirror finishes and roof color according to your preferences. As a matter of fact, you can go try for yourself and you will see nothing like it on the road.
And the materials used in making it are not only soft to the touch; they also provide an attractive and upscale design that gives the interior a classy but modern look. You will definitely enjoy the voice recognition software that you can use for your iPods and cellphones. The company makes no secret of this, preferring to point out all the ways in which D3 has been updated for modern duty in general and SUV duty in particular. There’s clear air between the chair and the armrest, with the door itself seemingly a foot and a half thick. Nor is the HVAC system particularly glove-friendly, unless you’re one of those hipsters who wears the special iPad gloves.
The AWD system behaves about the same in all circumstances, permitting a little slip in the front before kicking the back in sans subtlety. My prediction is Ford will start seeing a very nice jump in sales with the Explorer even with the high gas prices.

This model also has a spacious layout and a versatile and comfortable cabin which has a seven-seating capacity. Although the rocker-panel-covering doors and bizarre QIX-pattern footwells remain, the driver now sits in an entirely new relationship to the rest of the vehicle. Do not, however, imagine for a single moment that any of the competition is even slightly better in this regard. Apparently the amount of permitted wheelspin is different in each setting, with the Spaceship setting being the most strict, just in case the aliens are police aliens looking to write tickets for street racing. As soon as I saw the rear hatch with the seat down, and the first two posted comments, it all came together in a eureka! Sold a bunch, that Explorer, even though it was always kind of a hokey tune, a Ranger truck with a cap and a couple rows of plastic-leather seats, perched sky-high on underinflated Firestones.
My transactions with the local Burger King gave me the distinct impression of being trapped in an oubliette, passing money and food through a distant trap door.
It’s set within a delicate, perfect chrome ring, which is then set within the shiny black speaker grille for the door-mounted tweeter.
To be fair, however, a Tahoe or Expedition would have far more towing and cargo capacity at a cost which wouldn’t be much higher. Feel free to wave your pink slip at an Enclave or a Pilot, but your neighbor’s RAV4 will show you its taillights.
As a complete design and execution statement, the Explorer’s interior is easily a match for that of the Grand Cherokee. My experience pulling my race car on an open trailer with my Flex indicates that the D4 chassis is more than up to the job, but that the transmission just feels delicate. She won’t take the Explorer off-road, but then again, only a very committed few ever did, and they were used-truck buyers, not new-truck buyers. I never got into the SUV craze, as I wasn’t fooled by how expensive they were and how much they cost to feed.

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