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Inspect the condition of the spindle and nut threads to ensure a free turning nut when reassembling.
Remove the outer bearing cone and roller assembly, and pull the hub assembly from the spindle.
Using care not to damage the bearing cage, use a suitable slide hammer and bearing seal remover to remove the inner bearing cone and bearing seal. Remove all burrs, nicks or scratches from the shoulder of the spindle and seal bore in the hub with emery cloth. Pack the inside of the hub with lithium-base wheel bearing grease such as Motorcraft Premium Long-Life Grease XG-1-C or -K or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESA-M1C75-B.
Keep the hub centered on the spindle to prevent damage to the grease seal or spindle threads. Place the inner bearing cone and roller assembly in the inner cup and install the wheel bearing hub seal, using a suitable seal replacer. Install the outer bearing cone and roller assembly and the flat washer on the spindle and install the adjusting nut.
If excessive force must be used during brake rotor removal, the brake rotors should be checked for lateral runout prior to installation. The wheel hub and bearing is a slip fit design and should not require a puller to remove it.
Apply a coat of Ford High Temperature 4x4 Front Axle and Wheel Bearing Grease E8TZ-19590-A meeting Ford specification ESA-M1C198-A to the O-ring area of the wheel hub and bearing before installing the hub and bearing.
If needed, pack the wheel bearing with a suitable high temperature wheel bearing grease before assembly.

To ease installation, lubricate the inner race of the bearing assembly using the specified lubricant. The wheel bearings are of the cartridge design and are an integral part of the hub assembly. Position the wheel hub on the front wheel driveshaft and joint and into the front wheel knuckle. When the wheel is installed, always remove any corrosion, dirt or foreign material present on the mounting surfaces of the wheels or the surfaces of the wheel hub, brake drum or brake disc that contact the wheel.
The wheel speed sensor electrical connectors are located in the engine compartment secured to the fender aprons.
Remove the axle-to-wheel hub nut and, using a puller, separate the outboard CV joint from the wheel hub. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to.
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If the wheel still does not rotate properly, inspect and clean or replace the wheel bearings and cups. If cups are worn or damaged, install the inner and outer bearing cups in the hub with an appropriate bearing cup driver tool. Failure to do so will cause severe wear to the non-metallic thrust washer, allowing the axle shaft to travel further in and out during torque thrust causing damage to the wheel hub and bearing, the axle shaft end seal and the axle shaft. Make sure the wheel hub and the front disc brake rotor braking and mounting surfaces are clean. Installing wheels without proper metal-to-metal contact at the wheel mounting surfaces can cause the wheel nut to loosen and the wheel to come off while the vehicle is in motion, causing loss of control.
If either bearings or bearing cups are worn or damaged, replace both bearings and bearing cups. If a packer is not available, work as much lubricant as possible between the rollers and cages.

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