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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The style is the rare and gorgeous 20" wheel that has been used as an option on the Ford Edge and possibly a Lincoln model (MK-T? Again, this is an EXACT REPLACEMENT wheel that will perfectly replace your missing or damaged wheel, or super for a full-sized spare. Whether you are buying for your own car, your dealership, or shop, we will get the right part at the right price – direct to you.
NEW FACTORY CUSTOMIZED 2009 EDGE SPORT DEBUTS• Chicago Auto Show marks the debut for the 2009 Ford Edge Sport, providing a factory-quality, customized model to America's best-selling crossover. Ford Explorer – the best-selling SUV in the United States for 25 years – reaches new heights with the Platinum edition, a well-appointed combination of the performance-minded Explorer Sport and comfort-designed Limited trim level.
Oddly enough, that description seems to fit the 2009 Ford Edge Sport I recently took for a spin. If you're a baby-boomer like me, I'm pretty sure you vividly recall the miniature cars that entertained generations of little boys. Clearly, the Hot Wheels craze captured the imagination of young kids who, now that they've grown up, are looking for it in their daily lives. Up until now, no automaker had dared to make such massive alloys standard on a mainstream product.
You can’t go unnoticed with these 22-inch alloy wheels and ultra-low-profile Pirelli Scorpion Zeros!
Whether you love it or laugh at it, the Edge Sport remains a dedicated machine through and through. Four of the nine paint colors available with the regular Edge are offered with the Sport model.
The exterior is enhanced with a factory-installed, color-coordinated body kit that further brings out the sharp lines of the Edge. The middle section of the dashboard receives a glossy metallic appliqué with subtle linear patterns. Buyers who have to face the cruelties of winter will appreciate the heated front seats and all-wheel drive system of the Ford Edge Sport, especially since both are standard.

The cabin of the Ford Edge is roomy and very accommodating, regardless if you're sitting up front or in the back.
At the other end, the hatch rises high and reveals a large opening and a relatively-low cargo floor.
In fact, with the Sport Premium Package ($900), Ambient Lighting Package ($300), back-up radar system ($400), panoramic Vista sunroof ($1,850) and GPS-based navigation ($2,300), my tester was worth $47,349.
The Ford Steering Wheel Covers manufactured  from Leather and made by Wheelskins, From superlative leather and quality not seen elsewhere .
Even if you are driving an older Taurus T bird or an SUV like the Explorer having the steering wheel in good condition will make the drive in to work almost fun! Junkyards get even more (assuming they even have this new style) and theirs are in FAR worse condition! 28, 2015 – The vehicle that gave us room to roam reminds us that there is always room to grow and #ExploreMore.
That's why automakers have spawned unique models like the Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chevrolet SSR, Nissan Murano and Infiniti FX, just to name a few.
While it's no longer brand-new (introduced for 2007), the Edge is the first crossover to deliver stock tuning to the masses. They're the most obvious ones, including, Black, Redfire, Brilliant Silver and the limited-run Sport Blue. And then there's a large-diameter dual exhaust with polished tailpipes -- a must-have on this type of tuner car. The steering wheel and shift knob, also wrapped in leather, feature contrasting stitches for additional distinctiveness. If you take a closer look, you'll notice a "Sport" monogram -- just like on the rear liftgate.
On the other hand, they will face a huge dilemma in the weeks leading up to the cold season. The rest is familiar to Edge fans, including the very potent, 3.5-litre V6 under the hood, which sends 265 horsepower to all four corners through a six-speed automatic transmission.
The low height of the rear bench seat has me thinking that Ford designed it primarily for children.

As you open it, you can feel a notable resistance due to the automatic lift system (optional).
Of course, you must add freight and delivery charges ($1,350) along with winter tires and rims in Quebec.
Let your imagination lead you to create the perfect look and texture for your Ford interior. Of course, more importantly, oversized tires would wrap gigantic chrome wheels designed to turn every head.
Then, in 1968, Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler created the New Toy Order by introducing the famous Hot Wheels. However, the bigwigs at Ford saw fit to respond big time when Toyota launched the Venza, a direct rival that also rides on 20-inch wheels.
These Pirellis would turn into soap on snow-covered roads, making the vehicle impossible to drive. This powertrain allows sustained accelerations and passing manoeuvers, but with official fuel consumption figures that are at least 10-15 percent higher than those of the Venza and Murano (both powered by 3.5L engines). What's more, the interior driver-side handle designed to lift the hatch looks like a last-minute addition. They are also the a grate option for replacing a damaged or worn  factory leather covered wheel. With their flashy, California-style colors and shapes, these small-scale automobiles looked like the product of a drug-addicted inventor.
We have a  patented lacing system is reinforced to make sure of a snug and custom fit on your Ford Steering Wheel. Total capacity is rated at 1,971 litres, which compares favorably to the Venza and Equinox.

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