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During one of the recent very hot days in the Mid-Atlantic (100+ degrees Fahrenheit temperatures) my 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid alerted me to a problem with my brakes while I was traveling in normal traffic conditions. With no cars directly behind me, I carefully tested my brakes and they seemed to operate as expected.
Since the brakes seemed to operate correctly, I directed my attention to the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System). To complete the replacement of this important ABS component, start by carefully blocking the wheels of your Ford Escape Hybrid, engaging the parking brake, and lifting the corner of the vehicle that has the broken tone ring. Now remove the electronic eye sensor that is coupled to the tone ring and move it out of the way; a single, small fastener holds it in-place.
The replacement indicator ring would not easily fit in-place of the original, so I cleaned up the surface area with a small die grinder with a sandpaper barrel bit. With the new tone ring installed, I proceeded to reassemble the rest of the axle and hub assembly, including the brake rotor and caliper. In the end, the repair process took less than three hours, including preparation and clean-up time. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The author reserves the right to accept or reject any comments that are submitted to this blog. My escape has the light sensor in the top of the dash, can that also work if i change the switch to turn on the lamps automatically??
I'm confused as to what you are asking; are you trying to add auto-headlights to your Escape?
Fights begin, fingerprints are took, days is lost, bail is made, court dates are ignored, cycle is repeated. The regenerative braking indicator showed that energy was flowing back to the high voltage batteries and the vehicle safely slowed down.
Recalling research from my earlier brake problems, I started by resetting the vehicle's computer by disconnecting the battery for a short time. After placing jack stands (or some other kind of safety blocks) under the car, remove the wheel. This can be a challenge as the part is often temporarily fixed to the axle, adhered by time and corrosion. Disconnect the tie rod and remove the two bolts that connect the hub to the suspension strut. If the axle does not easily dislodge from the hub, you may need to use a gear puller (like I did) to push the axle out of the hub to get access to the tone ring. Based on my observation, the area of the axle where the ring resided was slightly corroded and the original ring had only the one crack.

Once the wheel was mounted, I was able to remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle to the ground.
If you have experienced this or any other issues with the brakes on your Ford hybrid vehicle, please file a complaint with the Office of Defects Investigation ("ODI") at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA"). Escape City is an unofficial Ford Escape site, and is not officially endorsed, supported,authorized by, or affiliated with, Ford Motor Company. And the only way it will start and stay running is to jump wire the tank switch and to keep the key turned on to starting position.
This is what I was told, plus the auto parts store gave me one that does not go into the fuse box. Obviously, this was not another death-defying episode with a failed master cylinder and hydraulic control unit (Please see my previous blog posts: My Ford Escape Hybrid Brake Repair Experience - The Brakes Broke the Bank! That cleared the alarm, but a short test drive resulted in the problem quickly reoccurring. However, with no ABS diagnostic code scanning device available to me, I resorted to a physical, visual inspection of the brake components. It is not a component that experiences any wear and tear; the ring is simply fitted to the axle at each wheel and allows the electronic eye to register pulses to determine the wheel speed. However, it may be beyond the scope of some shade tree mechanics as it does require some tools that are not often found in the typical household toolbox.
If you cannot remove the brake rotor after a couple of simple taps with a hammer, follow the helpful advice provided in this instructional video before you do something silly and break or damage your vehicle's brakes.
You can conveniently leave the hub connected to the lower ball joint while you finish the repair. Allow the hub to lay to the side, out of the way, while you get down to business replacing the tone ring. I found that the new ring would not simply slide into place, which I was glad to see since I wanted the new ring to have a nice and tight fit on the axle. A brief test drive in a safe area that allowed me to perform several hard-braking, quick stops, demonstrated that the ABS was working correctly and that the new indicator ring had resolved the problem. Assuming the usual labor and shop charges, performing this repair myself must have easily saved me a few hundred dollars. The Ford name, trademarks, designs, logos, and all Ford division, affiliate,and model names are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company and its divisions and affiliates.
Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans. They are flush all around square meaning the one the auto shop gave me has walls on the side of the connectors. Coupled with an "electronic eye" sensor, this slotted ring is fitted to the axle at each wheel.

I'll provide the steps that I took to complete the work, but I will recommend that you enlist the assistance of a more experienced mechanic if you are not skilled in these types of repairs. You may want to try performing a search on both numbers in order to get the best comparison. A generous application of penetrating oil on the fasteners you will be removing goes a long way towards making your life easier for these kinds of projects. It did not appear that Ford had done anything obvious to improve the design of the replacement part unless the metal alloy was somehow changed.
I carefully heated the new ring with a propane torch; not too hot, just enough to expand the diameter enough so that it could be tapped into place on the axle with a small hammer. I will have to check a scrap yard at one point but what's a good site to look at?EDIT: BTW, where is the SJB located?
All other company, product,or service name references on this site are used for identification purposes only, and are trademarks of their respective owners.All opinions expressed on this site are those of the members only, and are not necessarily endorsed, supported, or rejected byFord Motor Company or by Escape City. We have a book for it and it says the fuel relay switch is in the fuse box under the hood. Prices varied widely; I found that a single ring sold for between $7 and $35 (plus applicable taxes, handling, and shipping).
It's possible that the high ambient temperatures contributed to this failure by slightly expanding the size of the axle.
I found what looked to be a reputable retailer that sold the "Genuine Ford Part" for about $15. It is the same black square box relay but it has side walls that extends down as where the ones in the fuse box has none. And when we start the starter again it starts and stays running as long as the starter is engaged.
However, based on my previous bad experiences with Ford's brake system design, I will chalk this one up to another poor component design; a potentially dangerous situation that never should have occurred! It arrived just a couple of days after online purchase, so I was ready to tackle the project! Maybe one of these days the NHTSA will have Ford address these potentially dangerous issues with the brake systems on their hybrid vehicles.
My research could not identify a technical service bulletin ("TSB") or recall notice associated with this issue, so if your warranty has expired, the repair is up to you.

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