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Media That Matters - From the serious to the hilarious, we share stories that rise to the top. Healthy food pyramid presents healthy choice of food for your everyday menu.The pyramid contains variety of food in certain doses necessary to meet the daily needs of your organism. Healthy food pyramid shows that you should eat more food from the bottom of the pyramid (vegetables, whole grains) and less from the top (sweet  drinks, red meat, salt).
The base of the pyramid, which also shows the largest amount of food necessary to be consumed during the day is different for all population groups. Food pyramid for kids is different because of the higher amount of fruit and vegetables, vital source of vitamins and minerals for proper growth and development.
Oils are essential part of the diet because they improve the taste of food and provide necessary nutrients including vitamins D, E, K, and A.
You should consume milk and dairy products bring the required amount of calcium in the body. It’s the health industry, which is being taken over more by body supplements, proteins, cosmetic surgeries, machine intervention and other costly ventures. Youa€™ve tried all the diets, taken all the classes and you still cana€™t seem to drop those pesky pounds! Research shows that people who don’t get enough sleep are more prone to gaining weight. Due to loss of skin elasticity and constant danger of dehydration, people older than 65 years should drink water with every meal.
Children need to import a large quantity of calcium (1300 mg per day, compared to 1000 mg daily required dose for adults) for proper development of bones. Vegetables helps in  reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke, protect against some cancers, lower blood pressure etc. You should consume fruits every day, especially citrus.You should avoid juices with artificial flavors.
My partner and i have continually observed that the majority of people are eager to lose weight simply because they wish to appear slim and attractive. It’s true that people who are overweight suffering from different diseases, but people who care what to eat and who eat healthy foods, they get sick very rarely and they have healthy and happy lives.
So i want To say Somethin , Kids grow quickly, their body needs high proportions of proteins, to make sure proper development. The companies promoting artificial techniques to remain fit are promoting manipulated health strategies. You’ve tried all the diets, taken all the classes and you still can’t seem to drop those pesky pounds! Eating healthy food of course, such as, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are extremely important. Even though exercising doesn’t get rid of fat as much as watching what you eat, working out is still important. In the base of the pyramid you can see weight control and daily body workout because these two elements have strong influence on your health. Nonetheless, they do not continually realize that there are more benefits for losing weight in addition.
Protein helps maintain tissues in your body, and it also helps build, repair and replace tissues too. Doctors declare that over weight people are afflicted with a variety of ailments that can be perfectely attributed to the excess weight.

In a Harvard study, men and women with varying figures and weight completed a survey about their diet and life habits every two years for 12-20 years. Whole grains include oats and rice.  Our body needs to import about 180 gr whole grains per day. The great news is that people who’re overweight as well as suffering from numerous diseases are able to reduce the severity of the illnesses through losing weight. Super foods are foods that have the power to correct the mirror effects in your life.  You can rely on them for losing fat, gaining muscular power, shedding bad cholesterol or getting a flawless skin. People were surprised as it turns out that it is not how much you eat, but the kind of calories you consume that makes it possible to gain weight, even when you are dieting and exercising!
It is easy to see a constant but marked improvement with health as soon as even a minor amount of weight-loss is achieved. In today’s article, I will give you the names of top 20 health foods which will change the way you look at your plates forever. Avoiding foods and beverages that are high in fat and calories such as chips, sweets, and sodas are extremely important in the battle against the bulge.
Losing weight is a lifestyle change and you have to be prepared to make sacrifices and be disciplined.
LemonIt was when I switched to green tea and somebody suggested me to add into it a slice of lemon that I realised how wondrous a food lemon is.
With a little perseverance you will be on your way to looking and feeling your best in no time. On researching deeper into this citrus food, I found out that they are extremely rich in flavonoids and vitamin C. Not just that, this super food is also responsible for increasing the good cholesterol of your body. Consumption of lemon enhanced your body’s capability to assimilate higher levels of antioxidants. Many of friends have suggested that it is best to microwave broccoli rather than steaming or boiling it. Dark ChocolatesIf you are a chocolate freak probably you will be happy with your dark chocolate choices after knowing that its one amongst the top superfoods. These are also an ideal food for decreasing the bad cholesterol levels and shooting up the good cholesterol levels.
A 100gram of this food is equivalent to 546 calories, so better keep your cravings within healthy limits.4. Sweet potatoes make up most of the daily vitamin B6, C and D requirements.  These are amongst my top ten beauty food wonders too.
This is definitely a healthy food to eat if you are looking for a food rich in carotenoids. This versatile fish rich in omega3 makes the best food for fighting cardiovascular diseases.
This is one amongst those top Superfoods which can minimise the risk of degenerative diseases. The vitamin A and vitamin B1 in this fish can help you meet your daily requirements in a significant way. WalnutsFor all the vegans reading my article, walnuts are the best salmon replacement for getting omega-3s.
This is mainly due to the presence of melatonin.Walnuts can save you from getting sun damages.

Involving avocados in your salads can increase the absorption of certain nutrients like beta carotene. These genius fruits are rich in foliate keeping your cardiovascular system guarded against diseases. Dealing with its taste might be a challenge for some but eventually, you will get used to after 2-3 servings a week.8.
SpinachThe health benefits of spinach were so much on my mind at an early age when popeye used to gulp that can in a go. You can really help yourself out with the free radical damage by consuming this leafy vegetable.  It is packed with a lot of antioxidants. These are also amongst those super healthy foods which are acceptable for those who are allergic to wheat.
They fall in the category of Superfoods for health due to their benefits in brain and bone functioning. Adding beetroots in your diet automatically shifts up the quality quotient of your meals in terms of energy. TomatoesWhen it comes to the talk of healthy foods to eat, tomatoes can never be left behind. KaleKale is a healthy food to eat in terms of keeping the feeling of a full time with lesser calories. It has amazinf anit-inflammatory qualities which prove very beneficial in doing away with the symptoms of inflammations. BlueberriesBlueberries are super healthy foods which do every possible miracle in weight loss and glow gain. AsparagusWith the de-tox trend highly catching up in the market, health foods for maintaining the overall body balance are in demand. Asparagus is an ideal dish to the plate to discard all the excess, useless crap out of your body.
WatermelonThe lycopene amounts in watermelon are perfect for fighting cancer and heart diseases.I like to call Watermelon as the guilt-free fruit. So kelp is finding its way to the top list in our foods. This amazing whole food overtook the calcium industry soon after its discovery. Apart from all these two tablespoons of kelp has 4 calories and a lot of rare phytonutrients.19. Including apples in your diet saves you from the fear of atrocious health diseases like heart ailments and dementia.
These berries have in total 53 calories in 100grams.These are the top most Superfoods for transforming your body routine in positive.
Having a balanced diet rich in these Superfoods ensures that you maintain a gratifying equilibrium of metabolism. She is very passionate about writing articles related to health, diet, weight loss, yoga and fitness.

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