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13 Hours Review a€“ Michael Baya€™s Big Brash Bold Statement of Explosive Action Doesna€™t Quite Fuel the Political Fire.
With the official credit reading as 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Director Michael Bay takes a slight change in direction in this true story of six elite ex-military special opa€™s men. Michael Bay, who is best known for his Transformers series has taken a step into the political forum with 13 Hours. Adapted from the book, which was written by the surviving members of the Annex Security Team, 13 Hours centres around two men, Former Navy Seals and good friends Jack Silva (John Krasinski) and Tyrone a€?Ronea€? Woods (James Badge Dale), two private contractors brought in to protect the CIA Intelligence Unit that are based in the city. With the first half an hour building the scene, we get a glance at the men that are born soldiers and will do anything it takes to protect, we also get to meet the arrogant, self-important team leader of the CIA who has a major disdain for these men and constantly slaps on the shackles and prevents them from doing their job. As the men batten down the hatches and take to the roofs of their compound, night falla€™s and confusion sets in with each approach to the outside walls of the sanctuary, by cara€™s pulling up to groups of men roaming the fields in Zombieland. REVIEW OVERVIEW13 HoursSUMMARY13 Hours is testosterone filled, surprisingly witnessing not as much blood as you would expect from this type of action adventure but still gruesome in places.
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Take a Day In The Life of Bruce Campbell, A Man Who Lives In a Boeing 727 fuselage Within The Woods.
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That is of course until we come across the massive big budget explosions and action sequences. It isna€™t long until Baya€™s visual chaos begins as the two men face a standoff with a group of Libyana€™s as they make their way through the city. Are they insurgents or are they friendlies, the men just dona€™t know until the last minute. The quick camerawork of zigzagging between different groups of men makes for a very early eye ache.

A premeditated attack soon arrives in a hail of bullets, rockets and explosions that resonate, feeling every last blast and explosion deep within your soul. I have worked extensively in the music industry since 2001 and have also owned and run my own artist management company within this time. We are shown exactly how these special ops and their very own CIA agents were left to fend for themselves with no back up for way too long.
Finally, the men are allowed to go and save the remaining men and take them to their secret hideout which doesna€™t seem so secret.
With mortal combat come the need for brutality and the gruesome scenes of bones sticking through flesh and limbs half hanging off which causes a turn away. I very much believe Life is what you make of it, go out and grab every opportunity that passes your way.

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