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Often when we think about survival, we think about tools and techniques that can save our lives in the face of imminent danger. According to studies, 95% of people that perish from psychological trauma die within the first three days. Although we may be born with a will to survive, we can improve our survival mindset through training. The Navy wanted to find out why so many physically-capable candidates were failing and launched a research project for answers.
As a result of the study, the Navy added psychological training to the SEAL curriculum and failure rates have been reduced drastically as a result.
Short-term, midterm, and long-term goals are all important aspects of a proper survival mindset.
Short-term goals – A short-term goal might be as simple as surviving the next five minutes during a dangerous situation. Long-term goals – In this context, a long-term goal might just be surviving until tomorrow.
But in case you’re just starting off with Instagram or in case you just need a refresher, here are some bomb diggity ways to take your Instagram to the next level.
Even if you do EVERY SINGLE OTHER THING ON THIS LIST, if you post ugly, non high-quality images, you’re doomed, my friend. And now I’m going to share a freaking MIND BLOWING tip with you guys that I learned from my blogging friend Rachel over at The Confused Millennial. Because I was stalking Rachel’s Instagram page not too long ago, and I was like, WHAT THE HECK?! When it comes to social media, and really when it comes to ANYTHING, if you want to take your Instagram to the next level, you should invest in yourself and learn from the best. I definitely get a bit turned off when people say hashtags are cheating, because like you said, it’s about finding a community and how else are you supposed to do that?!
Different packages, different designs, eye-catching claims advertising all sorts of additives and health benefits, pictures of fine looking beef and vegetables, and other marketing gimmicks… it is just so much! Just bear in mind manufacturers market these products with YOU in mind (not your dog), since you are the one that decides.
First thing you need to know is which ingredients are inside the bag and how much of them, to make a sound judgment. Can your dog digest whatA’s in his dog food, so he will get the required nutrients in his bloodstream and it's not just passing through to become large you know what. Meeting the AAFCO standards is a minimum requirement since you would want to feed you dog only types of dog food that contain all required nutrients according to this standard. The dog food analysis (sometimes called guaranteed analysis or typical analysis) usually follows after the ingredient list on the dog food bag.
By law, ingredient lists on dog food labels must be declared in the proper order of predominance by weight. This is determined as they are added in the formulation, including their inherent water content. This means that ingredients which contain a lot of water end up higher on the list than they actually deserve! Because of the variation in water content it is difficult to directly compare labels from different types.

An example: A product with 25% of fresh meat (not dried or dehydrated meat)according to the dog food label, lists meat as main ingredient.
A sample of 100 gram dog food does not contain 25 gram meat-derived protein but only 6 to 7 (25 * (1 - 0.75).
As rice and corn contain much less water, these second and third listed ingredients actually appear to be the predominant ones. This mathematical conversion is very important especially when comparing the protein content of dry to canned dog food.
A product that has meat as third ingredient can actually contain more animal-source protein than a product that has meat listed first. We need to take this one step further as you do need a calculator to really compare dog food. At the time these are not regulated but this won't take very long I presume as I've already seen some initial reports. Usually the manufacturer uses this to describe the product is free of artificial flavours, artificial colors and artificial preservatives.
These are rarely added to the product with the exception of artificial smoke or bacon flavors in dog treats.
These are more expensive than artificial ones and reduce the shelf live of the product by about 50%.
However, it is believed that artificial antioxidants, such as ethoxyquin, play a role in onset of cancer and other adverse effects. But now you are aware and know how to read the dog food labels on the packages, you can make an informed decision and pick quality dog food.
You don't have to try the complete assortment on your dog to find the perfect dog food for your canine companion.
Post run in the clouds wet shoes in the hearth in Winter Park Colorado before senior breakfast Monday morning.
These are definitely important skills to keep in mind – but there is one more thing that is often overlooked and arguably more important than any survival gadget you own. Almost as common as stories of unprepared people surviving horrible conditions are stories of well-prepared individuals who have specialized training that perish.
The Navy SEALs are one of the most elite Special Forces units in the world; as many as 75% of prospective SEAL recruits fail to complete the intensive training program. Intelligence is also not the issue as most SEAL candidates tend to score above average on IQ tests. They help us to achieve things we desire and give us a plan that we can follow to achieve these aspirations.
When the human brain is stressed, it’s easy to fall into patterns of illogical thinking and irrational behavior. When we think of long-term goals, we think of our overall plan for life or some major event in the distant future. INSTAGRAM is my baby, and because of that, I’m always thinking about ways to grow my following. You should be posting photos with your target-audience in mind, and not just posting complete randomness.
I came across this blog post the other day: Instagram Hashtag Hack and it legit changed my life.

It’s tough trying to manage all the social media channels, but engaging is what has helped me the most. I have an account for my blog, but I’m definitely not taking it as seriously as other social media… and that needs to change! I’ve definitely been trying to make it a point to work on my Instagram so this was just what I needed! If you are on a low budget or just want to be more fugal then this article is for you, as it covers ways to save money and stretch that budget. I want to claim my free instant access to the Secrets to Dog Training 6 Day Dog Behavior and Training course ($27 value). There are countless stories of untrained, unprepared people surviving insurmountable odds simply because they refused to give up; they refused to stop trying. Psychologists performing the study determined that the sole reason for failure was that the candidates were not mentally prepared for the emotional and psychological stress of training. By focusing on short-term, easily achievable goals, it becomes much easier to regain rational thought processes and remain positive in the face of extreme danger. In a survival situation, we must break this chain of thinking by creating easily achievable goals that keep our mindset in check. People want to see high-resolution images which for the record DON’T need to be taken with a DSLR. Up until a few weeks ago, I would upload a picture and maybe write a not-so-clever caption and that was the end of it! Invest in your business, invest in yourself, and let’s be course buddies because I’d love to connect with all of you!!! Girl seriously I have loved connecting with you and am so excited to have you in the course! Especially on instagram because you can hide them so they don’t clog reader’s experience!
Normally, a midterm goal might be considered a 5 – 10 year plan; in a survival situation we have to think differently.
I love my Nikkon almost as much as I love my cat, but I still post a whole bunch of pictures with my IPhone and that’s totally okay. Hashtags help you find a community, build your audience, and ultimately they help you gain more followers.
I love my Nikon too and when I started to step up my Insta-game it definitely helped motivate me, but it’s definitely been a game changer to master iphone photography haha.
Her success on Instagram speaks for itself, and the fact that she’s been able to grow her account in such a short amount of time is amazing. You can’t just post an image of a piece of avocado toast and use the hashtag #booksilove just because you’re trying to promote your new book (SHAMELESS PLUG! Instead, I’m asking them for their opinions and their ideas and engaging in conversation in the comments of my images.

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