Two (More) Americans in Paris - Tour de France 2001
(Lance wins #3!)

27 July - 8 August 2001

In July 2001 we went on a much-anticipated trip to Paris specifically to see Lance Armstrong win his third Tour de France, tying the American record of Greg LeMond.  Our only day of the Tour was the grand finale in Paris; we hooked up with a group of Americans calling themselves Tour Fanatics and enjoyed the day's craziness on the Champs Elysées.

After the Tour we had time to see other Parisian sights, as well as a day out at Versailles, and a (wasted, in Liza's opinion) day out at Disneyland Paris.  (Don't go!)

Tour Final Day | Parisian Sights | Versailles

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The final day of the Tour de France, 2001

Robert in the hotel getting
ready for big tour day

One of many telecom trucks for the

The Porte Maillot, where the Tour
Fanatics met up

Milling about at the Porte Maillot

Robert at the Arc de Triomphe
de l'Etoile - probably the only day
of the year you can stand in the
street there

The Office de Tourisme de Paris
welcomes Lance

One of many official concession vans

On the Champs Elysées...
all day

Other fans

Proof of what street we were on

On the Champs

...we were there all day...

The sign that endeared us to the
Parisians audience

Robert in the mood with his flag-
bedecked hat

Liza defending her sidewalk

Coaxing a gendarme to pose with
an American flag

By early afternoon the crowd was

...and we had more flags

Start of the publicity caravan

Finally, late afternoon, the peloton!
whizzing by on one of 10 circuits

Lance in yellow, Eric Zabel in green!

More peloton...whoosh 

After the stage finish and podium
presentation, all the teams take a
parade CSC-Tiscali with
polka-dot King of the Mountains
Laurent Jalabert


A few Credit Agricole riders

Jan Ullrich and Eric Zabel (in green)

Lance! with US Postal!

The next day - Robert at the Place
de la Concorde with the post-Tour
issue of L'Equipe.  The hotel in the
background is the Hôtel du Crillon
flying a Texas flag (really).

The view of the Champs Elysées
from the VIP grandstand at the
Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde - Eiffel Tower
in the background

More Place...

Big ferris wheel!

A leftover sign about the street being

Robert along the Seine

The Parthenon at the Sorbonne

Inside Saint Genevieve church, near
the Sorbonne

Tour Final Day | Parisian Sights | Versailles