Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

12-15 October 2010

In October we joined a group of friends on a Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike organized by Karen Rieffer of Sierra Vista.  The route had us descending from the north rim on the North Kaibab trail (click map at left for larger version), staying two nights down at Phantom Ranch, then ascending to the south rim on the South Kaibab trail (click map at right for larger version).  Others in the group took the Bright Angel trail up to the south rim, about 3 miles longer, but had drinking water en route which South Kaibab did not.

The 14 mile descent on North Kaibab was spectacular, the views just got better and better, and we enjoyed a short detour to Ribbon Falls (about 8 miles in) before completing the hike to Phantom Ranch.  South Kaibab was a little short of 8 miles and we made good time, leaving Phantom Ranch in the dark at 0530 and arriving at 1050 (temporarily delayed by a mule train :-).   We overnighted on the south rim at the Maswik Lodge before making the drive back home.  Big thanks to Bob White and John Black for driving our van!

Click here for more detailed descriptions of the North Kaibab and South Kaibab trails.

Click photos to see larger versions.

North Rim Descent - North Kaibab Trail

Robert enjoying sunrise at the Grand
Canyon Lodge, north rim


The Grand Canyon Lodge

Bob, Jackie, John, Robert ready to
catch the shuttle to the North Kaibab

Bob and Robert at the NK trailhead

We're ready to go!

Down the trail a bit...

Liza at Ribbon Falls

And Robert too!

A bit slippery up there

Ribbon Falls

Phantom Ranch

The canteen - home to beef stew and
steak dinners

Ranger program

Robert in front of our shared cabin

The two of us!

Waiting for dinner

There was some birding to
be done...

...but the most common bird at PR
was the raven

Split outside PR for the Bright Angel
and South Kaibab trails

We went the South Kaibab route
on our "rest day" to do the Silver and
Black bridges route

The Black Bridge (aka Kaibab Suspension

Bridge takes you to a tunnel...

Great views on the other side

Back across the river on the Silver

Bright Angel Creek

Some folks went to Phantom Falls,
but we stayed out of the water ourselves...

Tree growing from the rock

Not sure what we're contemplating here....

Group shot!  You can see my raised arm
in the back :-)

South Rim Ascent - South Kaibab Trail

Photos really don't capture the

Food stop...

Half way up!

Almost to the top - stopped by a mule
train - nice view of the steep switchbacks

We're out!

Robert at the South Kaibab trailhead

Geology lesson in the visitors'

Grand Canyon railroad

The Kolb Studio - now would anybody
be allowed to build on the edge like
this these days?  NO!