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The YTC Price Action Trader provides a discretionary approach to trading the forex, FX futures and emini futures markets on short intra-day timeframes (demonstrated on the 3 min trading timeframe).
Perhaps you are visiting this site because you are aware that something about your daytrading needs fixing.
In order to find the Zone and maintain it when one is actually day trading, a trader must master three skills. Moderate levels of stress are stimulating, which makes trading less of a job and more of an adventure.
Ironically, your fear of losing or missing out will actually work against you and cause losses. Professional traders exploit amateurs who make trading decisions based on emotion. Read more. If you do not carefully design and master your day trading edge to be both aggressive and defensive, your trading account will serve as a source of funds for professionals.
The Risk of Ruin defines the odds of reaching a point at which you are no longer mentally, emotionally or financially able to fund (or re-fund) your account. Whatever your level of intelligence, education or success in life, learning to day trade for a living is likely to be the most difficult challenge you have ever faced.

Your business skills may not help you because the daytrading environment is completely different than the business environment. Many of my coaching clients report that as their daytrading improves, the quality of their life improves along with it.
Whether you are an aspiring rookie, an experienced veteran who is stuck at break-even, or a successful professional daytrader looking to sharpen your edge, let me help you reach your full trading potential. Free Trader Personality ProfileFinally, an easy to understand Personality Profile that shows you exactly which personality traits help (and hurt) your trading!
Market volatility has tripled over the last few months, which poses technical and psychological challenges.
Trading without a technical trading plan puts active traders into visual and emotional reactivity. Your prefrontal brain function will be degraded so your ability to follow your trading plan will be impaired.
Moreover, you are likely to encounter certain things about yourself that you were not prepared to face before.
If you are this type of aspiring trader, passionate about succeeding, I can coach you to achieve your goals.

The key to day trading success is immunizing yourself to your own negativity so you can maintain a confident and courageous attitude while trading. If you lack the mental flexibility (and humility) to admit you are wrong in a timely manner, you will cut your winners short and let your losers run.
Nevertheless, despite his CEO-like personality, Art took his trading account from $1 million down to $100k in the year before he called me. You are probably not as stubborn as Art, but your own psychology is certainly a key factor in your bottomline. These Market Wizards (4% of daytraders) are natually fearless, competitive and report little emotion in trading.

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