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Paul Connolly has accused Thomas Cook of ‘bumping up’ an uncompetitive rate after he rejected itMr Connolly, a 44-year-old electrical engineer, said: ‘I can't believe that a big company could do this. Holidaymakers with leftover holiday money often face a dilemma when trying to sell back their unused travel cash.
Euro leftovers: If you have currency that you didn't use on holiday then make sure you don't lose out when selling it back. The easiest and cheapest way to exchange your travel cash is to sell it to a friend at the same rate you bought it for.
Selling it backYou’ll need to shop around – ask how many pounds you can expect to get back in exchange for your currency. The assistant then said because I had challenged the amount she was now able to review it.‘She suddenly upped the rate and offered me about €50 more.

Those who want to sell back the currency are often faced with poor rates of exchange and a lack of transparency when they try to compare the deals. This is the most expensive place to convert your unspent money because providers have a captive audience and so apply hefty exchange rates and also usually charge a commission fee. Some holiday providers offer an exchange service where they will take the money, exchange it and donate to charity.
Not only will you be able to get the same rate that you bought it for your friend will get a good deal as you’re both cutting out any commission and fees you might be charged. It might be worth downloading a currency conversion app such as XE Currency which will help you keep track of currency fluctuations to see when you will get the best conversion rate.Alternatively, if you think that you are likely to end up with some cash left over in euros then you could buy them from a firm that offers a ‘buy back’ scheme. Thomas Cook has its own children's charity, which helps make dreams come true for sick and disadvantaged children both in the UK and overseas.

Travelex, Sainsbury's, Moneycorp, Post Office and the Currency Club all offer this services - where they will buy back your currency sometimes at the rate you bought it at – but this can come at an extra charge and you will have to have bought it from them in the first place.
Therefore it’s worth holding onto it until then – you’ll also avoid any hefty exchange rates. When shopping around for your currency you should check the terms and conditions of these deals to see if it’s worth getting your money from one that offers to buy it back commission-free.
Club together If you’ve been on holiday with friends and family and there are more than a few of you who have leftover currency you might be able to get a better exchange rate when you sell it back by clubbing together.

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