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A stock price chart is used by stock market traders as part of their technical analysis of a share. Stock charts are fascinating once you learn the many different types of trading patterns that appear and know the indicators that pretty much tell you when to buy! Free newsletter and gift!Sign up to our FREE newsletter and receive a bonus report "10 costly mistakes stock market beginners make" - certain to save you money! The charts simply display where the stock has been, in terms of price, over a time frame (which you can set). On the OHLC graph some of the bars appear to have closed lower than they opened and yet are black not red.The 13th and 16th from the left for example or maybe im missing something.

Stock prices are plotted left to right across the x-axis with the most recent point being the furthest to the right.3) in the bottom left corner, the numbers here are a references for the number, or Volume of stock shares traded.
Black or solid candlesticks form when the close is lower than the opening price.The white and black portion formed from the opening and closing stock prices, is called the body. 4) the actual volume traded each individual day, if you are using a daily chart, is shown along the bottom of the graph, displayed with individual vertical bars.The Line Chart is formed by plotting the closing price over a period of time. An arithmic scale displays 10 points, or dollars, as the same vertical distance no matter what the price level.For example, if a stock moves from $20 to $30, a 10 point move and it’s a 50% change. And then if the stock moves from $30 to $40, again a 10 point move, but a 33% increase, graphically on the stock chart, the distance will be shown as the same.The move is shown in absolute terms, not in percentage terms.

An advance from $20 to $30, and $30 to $40, although both 10 point moves, would be shown differently on the stock chart as the percentage’s are different…50% vs.

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