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Link to this page - if you would like to link to US Dollar(USD) To Philippine Peso(PHP) Currency Exchange. Link to this page - if you would like to link to Philippine Peso(PHP) To US Dollar(USD) Currency Exchange. Wow, the US dollar to Philippines peso exchange rate has been in a long slump if you’re an American expat living in the Philippines. For expats that live in the Philippines, it takes a direct impact on our standard of living. If the US dollar to Philippines peso exchange rate is 45 to 1 and you send $1500 from your US bank account you get p67500. To make the impact worse, you have to remember that in the Philippines growth has been mild to good. This graph shows the downward trend of the US dollar to Philippine peso since 2009.  Notice the rise in the middle of 2012. I have not been following this as close as I use to but it appears that the Philippines central bank is stepping in to keep the dollar at or above P40 to 1 USD. It isn’t a bad idea to assume the dollar will be at 40 to 1 when making your plans to live in the Philippines. It isn’t going to last forever, the dollar to Philippines peso exchange rate will likely improve as soon as quantitative easing comes to an end in the USA. Since oil is almost always traded in dollars, if the value of the dollar is less around the world, producers will increase prices in order to offset the loss they take when converting back to their own currencies. I would just add that the peso strenth may not be good for exporters but for importers of commisities such as oil copper and base metals the strong peso polcy is good,also for importers of cheap manufactered goods from china will be cheaper to for consumers,so there will be winners and losers with this policy. I agree with most of you you are saying and you seem to know something about exchange rates.
I think I made it clear that the Feds creating currency by buying backs its bonds is the reason the dollar is low. If i was more knowelngable about exchange rates i wouldbe retired now on the shores of lake genava or the philippines! The global financial crisis triggered by the subprime meltdown in the United States is impacting the foreign exchange market.
As a result, foreign exchange rate movements have settled into a pattern in which the Japanese yen is the strongest, followed by the U.S. Some Asian countries are concerned that the depreciation of their currencies relative to the U.S.
In this regard, it is useful to take a look at this year's movements of the AMU deviation indicators - which measure the degree to which each Asian currency deviates from a notional currency called the Asian Monetary Unit (AMU) - particularly since September (Figure: Nominal AMU Deviation Indicators*).

Unlike the South Korean won and Thai baht, both the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan have increased in value relative to the overall value of Asian currencies. Below shows the current exchange rate of the currency pairs updated every 5 minutes and their exchange rates history graph. It may be a little higher than that but that’s the rate I have been getting with Xoom for months now. So many times, I’ve heard foreigners say that the Philippines is propping up the peso. I think with the slowing world wide economy the usd will benifit and it should all things being equel stregthen,even against emerging market currencies….
The Peso does not float and is trying to attach itself to the dollar movement but can't.
The Peso to maintain any strength must be able to compete with all of what has been presented. It began appreciating in the second half of 2004 and was overvalued by as much as 20% relative to its benchmark exchange rate with the AMU from February 2006 to November 2007, but it has depreciated sharply since then. The Japanese yen, which was undervalued by about 14% relative to its AMU benchmark exchange rate in July 2007, has since been on an upward trend and reached a level 7% above the benchmark by the end of November 2008. I need to get a dollar account in the Philippines so that Xoom doesn’t get to take out their extra amount in the conversion.
But it didn’t last long and the result is the dollar to Philippines peso rate of exchange is near P40 now. Mine are as follows: The Peso in the recent past has mostly followed the demise of the Euro.
To alleviate these concerns, it is important to measure currency values in terms of effective exchange rates. During the past year, the yen has appreciated more than 20% relative to the overall value of Asian currencies. When they prepare their Philippines income statements the funds are converted back to pesos. The exact amount depends on which exchange value you use.  The highest exchange rate that I have seen while living in the Philippines was P50 to 1. If I use an ATM card, I get about 1 peso more per dollar but the cost of using my ATM card is too high to make that a consideration. However as of late the Government is trying to make the Peso stand on its own with much help.
The exporters are the ones putting the most pressure on the central bank of the Philippines to strengthen the dollar.

So if they have a large amount of dollar debt coming do, a strong peso will make it less costly for the Philippines to pay that off. The manipulation by the Philippine bank is fruitless as manipulation is only a temporary fix. Those that have declined in value relative to the AMU include the Indonesian rupiah, South Korean won, Malaysian ringgit, Philippine peso, Singapore dollar and Thai baht; whereas the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan have risen sharply.
Although to a lesser extent, other Asian currencies, particularly the Thai baht, have also lost value due to the subprime crisis and fallout from Lehman Brothers' demise. A strong currency hinders exports.  That author also cites the increase in money supply in the USA as a major contributing factor to the decline in the value of the dollar.
The dollar has mostly gained across the board against all major currencies and if the coming retail report shows that the jobs have developed into a spending era the greenback will continue to grow and that includes against the Peso. With the constant concern of regional conflict coupled with the surrounding devaluation it will put even more pressure on the Peso and on the Bank. As of the end of November 2008, the yuan was relatively overvalued by about 8% as other Asian currencies were in decline. Sudden changes in capital flows caused by the financial crisis can have a great effect on foreign exchange rates. If the peso is higher, it is cheaper for the Philippines to pay those bonds back if the dollar is low. The United States and Mexico in a recovering and growth position with the Philippines being surrounded by emerging countries not to mention India and China there is simply nowhere to manipulate the Peso anymore. But it is what it is and with the external pressures described the Peso will have no where to go but to devalue against the dollar.
Yet because differences clearly exist among the rates of decline, it is necessary to pay due attention to any economy whose currency is experiencing a relatively deeper depreciation than those of its neighbors. And what must be kept in mind are currency measurements in terms of effective exchange rates, rather than focusing solely on their nominal values relative to the U.S.
In this respect, the AMU deviation indicators, which show each currency's relative value in Asia, play a very important role.

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