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The OANDA Research and Analytics team blogs about innovation, product design, and next-generation trading technology.
The security of trading on a mobile application is the same quality of encryption used on our web-based applications. In general, I think everyone should use stop-losses when trading too, but the number of traders that do is shockingly low.
Professional grade trading platform which was designed to download your technical analysis and install mt4 plus on the needs.
It was just below adding technical indicators and overlays to charts on all mobile platforms.

Judging from the mobile trading behavior of OANDA’s clients, traders want a robust platform at their fingertips.
Metatrader, and live accounts and start with powerful trading application including realtime charting simulator; e trade the most of apps add ons. This is where the world is increasingly heading, and according to Morgan Stanley Research, mobile users will exceed desktop users by 2014.The future of retail forex trading is mobileWe were among the first to build native applications for the most popular mobile platforms (iOS and Android) because more of our clients use these devices and native apps offer a great trading experience.
It requires thinking about how your customers move between trading platforms throughout the day.
It also requires mobile-first design principles that encompass responsive user interface design to ensure the trading experience can adjust to any screen size and present an effective layout for any type of computer.OANDA has made a major commitment to mobile development because we see mobile trading becoming as common as browsing the web or reading e-mail on your handset.

Some customers sign in to the OANDA platform on a desktop first, get into their positions, and then switch to mobile devices to monitor things throughout the day. When they do, they’re checking to see where their trading positions are at, to see where their stop-loss and take-profit triggers are at, and to get out of a position quickly if the market direction turns against them.

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