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OANDA fxTrade is the result of more than 30 years of currency and CFD market research and expertise. The trading platform appeals to traders who need consistently low spreads, market liquidity, and the comfort of knowing their trades will be executed automatically and settled instantly. Sign in to fxTrade and fxTrade Practice with login icons on your desktop, without even opening your web browser. The currency rate graphs used in the fxTrade platform show how currency exchange rates change over a period of time ranging from minutes to months.
In addition to the standard chart types, there are also a number of overlays and indicators available through the Platform.

The OANDA fxTrade platform was designed to reduce CFD and Forex trading costs and speed up execution to within 0.077 seconds or less.
The OANDA fxTrade platform allows traders to see their real-time account balance and Net Asset Value (NAV) at a glance and analyze changes in currency exchange rates, review current trades, review past transactions, or issue buy and sell requests while keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate quickly through charts and open trading windows. The OANDA trading platform is available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. The OANDA fxTrade platform for Mobile devices allows traders to trade anywhere on an intuitive user interface with fast and reliable execution. Access your fxTrade account anywhere at any time, conduct in-depth technical analysis, and trade when you see an opportunity.

The log-in credentials you use to access fxTrade on the web are the same credentials you use to log-in to fxTrade Mobile. For detailed information on each of the fxTrade trendlines, overlays, and indicators, go to the fxTrade Graphing Indicators web pages.

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