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An article in the New York Times has shed light on something that online content creators already know so well: Despite illusions of wealth, making money on YouTube is much harder than the numbers suggest. The article centers around Olga Kay and examines the financial viability of her YouTube career. The most interesting part of the article, however, concerns dwindling CPMs (cost per one thousand ad views) on YouTube. Again, none of this is new news to YouTube adepts, but it serves as an important lesson for those who think the YouTube streets are paved with gold. YouTube has had a little more scarcity of inventory than display ads because there is a better quality measurement (view length).
But the sheer volume of YouTube content will undoubtedly increase supply and continue to drive CPMs lower. I’m using adtomatik for the last two months and got very good results, highest fill rates and better ecpm than others ad networks.
As I said this is not a get rich quick scheme (please don’t waste your money on any stupid pyramid schemes or other such things) but this is an honest way of making a strong consistent income online through building your own online business portfolio.

I have total 40,000 views in adsense page and nearly 50000 on my youtube analytics page in a day. 01 – The Streaming Price Bible – Spotify, YouTube and What 1 Million Plays Means to You!
I'm writing this to share my experience with others wanting to make money off YouTube, and hopefully get some advice.
My CuriousInventor youtube channel mostly has videos on electronics soldering, but also a bit of head phone wrapping and recently Bitcoin. YouTube didn't used to pay people, and not all my videos are monetized (most are), and I didn't have monetization turned on for all the time. If you look at the past 30 days (September 2013), I got 70k views (a typical month is 50k) and $264, or $3.77 CPM.
I don't have any outside partnerships with sponsors, so this is all just money from YouTube's regular partner system. I'm pretty sure people who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views per month have figured out ways to get higher CPMs.

Tube Cash Blueprints describes earning affiliate money by focusing on product launches, along with selling leads generated from your channel. Lower transaction fees ($10 via paypal costs me $.60 in fees), and no possibility of PayPal reversing the transfer a year later (I've had several reversals after 6 months).
Someone from our customer support team will contact you within 24 hours.Your Channel should be creative, colorful, and represent you in the website to get youtube views free way you want to be presented. If there was a way for me to turn on the new "Rental" feature on YouTube on my existing videos, I'd do it right now. Someone else mentioned in the article said he spends $25,000 to $75,000 on ten videos before he ever sees a dime of advertising money. When you add in the reported 45% cut that YouTube takes from every video, making money on YouTube becomes an uphill battle.

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