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Use our touchstone foreign exchange rates from a variety of tools Get the daily exchange rates used in our currency converter, for all active currencies. CodeAndro’s Forex Currency Rates is a very comprehensive app for use in currency trading.
One of the web’s best currency sites, it can be depended on for accurate and fast information.
It helps to keep track of all world currencies in one simple app, helping to deliver to the user the latest news on money trends. Whether it be buying some trinkets or brokering a deal, the main problem with foreign transactions is the need for an accurate conversion into the local currency.

It also automatically syncs for updates to the daily exchange rate and also features access to a currency Wikipedia.
It can also easily be set-up to display the user’s favorite denominations so that the rates can be easily consulted. Money changers are available but a shrewd businessperson knows that often the best deals need a bit of verification. Updates are needed to keep the currency rates in line with the market, but they can be automatically scheduled or even manually initiated. Users can easily set up a favorite currency table for daily perusal – weekly and daily rates can also be viewed with ease.

Paired with a constant update of currency news, this is a helpful little tool for any trader looking for an edge. Automatic updates are also available so as to keep the user current with the world’s exchange rates.

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