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The exchange rate of the dollar $ for today is: buy ? 540 and sale ? 550 good morning amigos!
Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s currency needs to weaken further against the dollar to aid exporters as the country courts investors in the wake of firings by Intel Corp. Solis, 56, is seeking to bolster the Central American nation’s economy after Intel (INTC) and Bank of America announced 3,000 firings in April, days after the former history professor won a runoff with 79 percent support. Intel accounted for about 21 percent of the country’s exports of goods, or 14 percent of total exports, according to Costa Rica’s investment promotion agency, known as CINDE.
Intel said yesterday it would expand a testing laboratory in Costa Rica that will employ 350 people. Chinese investment in Costa Rica is increasing, Solis said, and the government is backing efforts to improve roads linking the border region near Nicaragua to the port of Moin, near the city of Limon.
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Unblock-US VPNThis is the best VPN you can have if you travel or live in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world. You the views will pick a charity from a list and the one with the most votes on the poll will get that money from that month. Costa Rica has a long history of success & independence with a rich cultural tradition. Historically Costa Rica has relied on an agricultural economy who in the last two decades has vastly broadened its technology and tourism sectors. Costa Rica is nestled in the southern end of the Central American Isthmus, bordering Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South.
Costa Rica has made use of their abundant natural resources and hydro-electric plants generate a majority of the power. The climate varies between lush tropical conditions throughout the country during the rainy season and sub-tropical and much dryer conditions during the months of December to April. Costa Rica’s economy is heavily dependent upon tourism, agriculture and the technology sectors. The official Language is Spanish and the Costa Rican dialect is distinct from other Spanish speaking countries.
The government of Costa Rica is a democratic republic with a Legislative, Executive and Judicial branch. 1821: Costa Rica establishes the what is to become the longest standing peaceful democracy in Latin America. 2003: Several prestigious international human rights organizations are headquartered in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has 2 international airports: Juan Santa Maria Airport in Alajuela, near San Jose and the Liberia International Airport in the Guanacaste (Northern) province. No, because you can drive with your normal driver’s license in Costa Rica for 3 months after your entry into Costa Rica. The roads in Costa Rica are very difficult to maneuver if you don’t know exactly where you are going. You cannot safely leave your suitcases, or anything at all, unattended inside your locked car trunk, not even for one minute.
If you decide to drive, please be forewarned that the car rental companies in Costa Rica have different rules than the U.S. Please contact your service provider for information regarding cell phone reception areas, calling costs and surcharges. Recently ICE is now selling Sim cards for about $10 and can be purchased in the airport or at an ICE office that are found in most towns. The majority of tourists flock to Costa Rica during the dry season for the weather and because it serves as the perfect retreat from the cold winter weather in the north. While the months of August and September can be exceptionally wet (though there are always exceptions), the beginning and end of the green season are, in our opinion, some of the best months to travel to CR.

We suggests clothing for warm and hot weather: 1 pair of pants, shorts, changes of light weight shirts, a rain poncho for hiking, swimsuits, light dresses. Flashlight, binoculars, camera, extra camera battery, sunscreen, insect repellent, photocopy of your passport’s photo and information page, photocopies of your credit cards, photocopies of necessary prescriptions for eyeglasses or medicines (carry photocopies separately from your passport, credit cards and prescriptions). After exiting your plane, you will first arrive at the immigration desk, and present your passport and a Costa Rica immigration form.
Costa Rica requires foreigners to carry their passports on their person at all times in Costa Rica, but this requirement is waived for U.S.
Many businesses do offer a more acurate Costa Rica currency exchange (closer the the bank's), but this is just to make a point.
You will help to keep content coming and we will give part of our proceeds to Local Costa Rica Charities. If a charity was given money the previous month we will remove it from the list the next month to give others a chance to receive donations. Costa Rica gained it’s Independence from Spain in 1821 and celebrates this day on Sept. Their main trading partner is the US which accounts for roughly 50% of the imports and exports. Exchanging US dollars is quite easy and US currency is accepted nearly anywhere in the country. Costa Rica’s socialized medicine and public education has served to effectively control those illnesses and diseases that typically affect tropical countries. International driver’s licenses do not exist, although there is an international driving permit which you can buy for $10 at an American Automobile Association (AAA) office.
In at least two recent occasions, Costa Rica police have discovered a ring of car thieves who open locked car trunks, and the thieves possessed keys to all makes and models of rental cars. First, you must purchase mandatory liability insurance for $15 a day, which is not included in most car rental price quotes.
This depends on your home cell phone service providers compatibility with Costa Ricas only cell phone service network, named ICE. The exchange rate offered at this office is not a good exchange rate, so only use this for small amounts of cash.
Solis said he doesn’t have a target for the colon and that the rate should be set by the market. It’s a pretty demanding state agency whose guidelines are obligatory for all institutions within the financial system.
The residency card is a permit to reside in the country (not as a tourist) but permanently while the document is in force. Costa Rica’s year round climate is pleasant with naturally occurring breezes cooling down most of the coastal areas.
It is always a good idea to know the correct exchange rate but most exchanges are honest and fair.
These driving permits are valid for one year after date of issue, and are valid only when accompanied by a valid driver’s license.
Second, you will be charged for any scratch or dent to your car, even if the scratch is caused by normal road conditions. During these months you can count on rain in the afternoons, though it is usually still beautiful from 7 a.m.
You can exchange money in banks in Jaco or just use dollars in town then you will get colones for change. However, it is advisable to exchange a small amount of dollars ($20 per person) into Costa Rican colones to spend locally. On the form, you will write your name, passport number, nationality, occupation, and the motive for your visit – tourism or business. Please make two photocopies of your passport photo and information page, and two copies of your passport page which has the Costa Rica entry stamp: one copy for you and one copy for your tour director.

A devaluation could aid the economy by making exports cheaper and luring more tourists to a country known for its tropical rain forests and beach resorts. He had to wait for service, felt that he was being ignored, so he closed his accounts and withdrew from the bank.
If you do not have yours, I suggest you start the process to get legal residency so you can open a bank account in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica has been noted for its efforts in preserving the natural beauty of the country with a well developed national park system and a long list of biological conservation programs that protect over 25% of the country’s surface. You don’t have to drive very far in Costa Rica, past the coffee, pastures, bananas and other crops, to realize that agriculture is the basis of its economy. The reverse of the C5,000 note dislplays a White-faced Monkey, the C10,000 shows a sloth and the C50,000 a blue morph butterfly. An impressive public healthcare system and strong emphasis on education (CR is the most literate of all Latino countries) have resulted in a happy, affluent culture-like in most developing nations, there is a degree of unrest with the political corruption and shortage of strict law enforcement, but by and large Costa Rica is a country whose people are proud of and quite content with their political leadership. A typical Costa Rican diet consists of rice, black beans, cheese, chicken, beef, fish, salads, vegetables, and of course fresh tropical fruit. Costa Rica Escape Tours does not have any doctors on staff and cannot give medical advice, so please consult your doctor as soon as possible before deciding whether or not to receive a vaccination. Third, you will be charged for any mechanical problem with the car, such as a problem with your engine or clutch, that arises during your car rental.
The initial $10 will get you a limited amount of minutes, but you can buy more pre-paid phone cards at most banks and pharmacies for $5-$20. It is very difficult to exchange bills of $50 or more, so we recommend only brand-new $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. Coffee has historically been the country’s most important crop, and Costa Rica continues to produce some of the finest coffee in the world. Costa Rica’s Central Bank announced it will circulate three new banknotes of C5,000 ($10), C10,000 ($20) and C50,000 ($99) in August 2012.
Costa Rica Escape Tours staff also avoid eating bananas toward dusk, because this smell attracts mosquitoes. It’s sometimes faster to call the Costa Rican Red Cross (128) if you need emergency medical care or an ambulance.
However, you do not need to buy this exit tax form if you will be departing from Costa Rica in a bus or car. If your need to renew your passport or apply for a new one, you can pick up a passport application at your local U.S.
Bananas are the second most important export crop, with vast plantations covering parts of the Caribbean lowlands, there is also significant land dedicated to the cultivation of pineapples, sugar, oranges, rice, hardwoods and ornamental plants, as well as raising cattle for beef and dairy products. This is a very easy process and you will be issued a temporary passport on the spot that is valid for one year. Foreign investors have always been attracted to Costa Rica because of the country’s economic and political stability. As there are few traffic cops in Costa Rica, drivers tend to be a little aggressive in their maneuvers.
Passport applications can take up to 6 weeks to process unless you pay extra for the faster expedited service. Euros, Canadian dollars, and currency from other countries are generally not accepted in Costa Rica, and the banks give poor exchange rates for all currencies other than U.S.
For instance, if you have made another international trip within the past 30 days, and used even a small exemption of $10, you would not get the $800 exemption. For this reason, sometimes it is best not to use the exemption if (1) the value of your goods is very low, and (2) you are planning to use the exemption on another trip within 30 days.

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