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Although the majority of Britons who remember the currency changeover in 1971 recall a smooth process, many fears were expressed by the Decimal Currency Board, politicians, the news media and the public. Fear of change is a key reason why some Britons are not keen to complete the transition to the metric system. After more than 45 years (and counting) since the original announcement, the completion of Britain's metric conversion is not in sight! The benefits of decimal currency were explained to the public and most people accepted the change as an important modernisation.

Unfortunately the benefits of change from imperial to metric have not been explained to the public and effective practical information has not been distributed to the man and woman in the street. While it would have been difficult for industry, transport, education and trade to completely synchronise conversion and retooling, it is strange that no guidelines or target dates were set. Many people have said that Britons are incapable of accepting changes like the conversion to metric units. Compulsory changeover in retail sector accompanied with exceptions and 10-year period permitting dual labelling.

An information campaign would help most people to accept change – particularly if it were accompanied by phasing out imperial units. Keeping information in two systems is not only costly but creates a disincentive to change.

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