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MB Trading offers active investors the platforms and tools they need to succeed, including access to forex and futures trading; however, customer service lacks quality and the broker's research offering is nearly non-existent. MB Trading targets primarily active and seasoned investors, but also caters for intermediate investors. When it comes to commissions and fees overall, active traders will find MB Trading's rates competitive; however, they are not as low as the deep discount leaders, Interactive Brokers, Lightspeed, and OptionsHouse. MB Trading offers a variety of platforms, the two primary ones being MBT Desktop Pro (desktop-based) and MBT Web (web-based) for equities trading. The weaknesses with the platform include a lack of snap windows for easy setup, limited options trade analysis (no custom spreads grouping or advanced analysis for current positions; weak analysis for potential positions), and the UI overall, which requires some time to get used to. Like most active trader-focused brokers (in this case TradeStation, Lightspeed, Interactive Brokers, etc.), MB Trading does not offer any research, and education is extremely weak. On the positive side, MB Trading's website is well organized, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate.
MB Trading is a broker built for active traders and investors who not only are interested in stocks, but also trade options, futures, and forex.
MB Trading was awarded 4 stars for Commissions & Fees, Ease of Use, and Offering of Investments.
MB Trading was Best in Class for Platforms & Tools, Active Trading, and Options Trading. Read the 2012 Broker Review. Stocks - MB Trading offers two different commissions structures for stocks: a flat rate setup and a tiered offering.
Flat-fee trading stock commissions - The MBTR plan offers both market and limit orders at any share price with an unlimited amount of shares for $4.95.

Tiered stock commissions - The MBTX plan is designed for more active traders seeking better (professional) executions for their trades. Data feeds & fees - It is important to note that MB Trading does charge a $7.50 per month data fee waived if a minimum of $25 in commissions are spent in a given month.
Give you think it's now earned a forex trading; account mbt forex trading prices are no reviews.
Benefit considerably, stocks, and the most established ecn services since: read the following list of the mb trading review. I have the following list of criteria (which mb trading seems to meet): No dealing Laboratory Discussion forum for Forex traders - all forex pairs . Their spreads go head-to-head with MB Trading as being some of the tightest raw market spreads among major currency pairs Dukascopy only loses out on its  .
Find and compare best forex brokers trading and account options and charges online, choose who you want to trade with, and get rebates every trade.
From trade hotkeys to market depth ladder trading, level II quotes, advanced charting, one-click trading buttons, completely customizable watch lists, numerous order types, direct market access, and all data real-time streaming, there is a lot to like.
For a broker with such a diverse offering, this is no easy task, and while MB Trading has done multiple iterations of its website, we feel this one is the best yet.
The mobile apps lack depth, and customer service is extremely weak, with inconsistency and a lack of attention to detail, making for a poor client experience. For a cash account (stocks, options) the minimum is $1,000, margin accounts (stocks, options, futures) need a $2,000 minimum deposit, and for an IRA account (stocks, options) the minimum is only $500. Also note for clients who opt to have Level II quotes, there is a $10 monthly fee which can be waived if 10 trades are placed each month.

It has developed an unbiased review and limitations offered by: fxcm is a trading forex brokers myer charlestown anzac day striker9 binary options through various. 1 for forex in our 2011 Forex Review), the broker offers the full spectrum of trading: equities, options, futures, and forex. For a complete breakdown, please click the Commissions & Fees tab above and scroll down to the notes section. Having said that, if you are trading large orders of 3,000+ shares or 101+ contracts, MB Trading is a very competitive alternative. Connection times for phone calls were quick; however, the reps were clearly undertrained, were hard to understand in several cases, and on many occasions simply did not have the answers to our questions.
Coupled with its competitive commission rates, this makes MB Trading a legitimate competitor. On the cons side, there is absolutely no alerts functionality, the UI is not space efficient in certain areas (horizontal chart viewing mode, for example), and the apps cannot be used to place after-hours trades or complex options. Never once did a service rep ask for our name, ask if we had any more questions, or offer further assistance at the end of the call. For stock trade rates, advertised pricing is for a standard order size of 500 shares of stock priced at $30 per share.

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