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During 2013, for example, the Department of Transportation recorded 196 consumer complaints against tour operators, most of those concerning charters. Since 2011, in fact, the DOT has levied nearly $1 million in fines against charter operators for violating regulations. It has proposed new regulations that would require charter brokers to disclose more information to customers, such as identifying the name of the air carrier, type of airplane and total cost of the charter.

The onus for understanding the issues falls on the passenger.Consider that in March 2012 a charter operator doing business as Direct Air suddenly stopped flying, stranding passengers without refunds. In response, the DOT revised certain policies, requiring, for instance, that operators who arrange charter flights retain passenger reservation records and share them with the air carriers operating those flights in case of a shutdown.
Be aware that your final price can increase by up to 10 percent.A public charter can be canceled for any reason up to 10 days before departure.

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