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More and more credit cards are eliminating foreign transaction fees, which could mean serious savings. So…here are your options for changing money on the road, as well as who has the highest and lowest rates. Most airports and train stations conveniently have currency exchange desks where you can convert cash. Again, foreign exchange booths at airports charge high commission rates and don’t often offer the best rate of exchange.
Hotels are a bad idea for changing money because of steep transaction fees and poor exchange rates.
In addition to fees, banks may also charge a percentage of the withdrawal as foreign exchange costs. One of the best options for travelers is to carry a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees.
Regular credit cards are another option, but credit card companies generally charge as much as three percent for every foreign transaction.
Capital One was among the first card issuers to eliminate foreign currency transaction fees on certain cards. Even if you don’t get a new credit card before you leave the country, do check with your existing credit card companies and bank to learn their fees on foreign transactions before you go, and just try to stick with the cheapest method. All cards I used so far (including the ones who advertise no foreign transaction fees) shave off some amount of money in the exchange rates.
PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) has the Promise Visa with no Fees, including no Foreign Transaction Fees. I would caution anyone using a capital one card for foreign travel…they may not charge a foreign transaction fee, but, if you need to access their investigative solutions for any financial disputes abroad, they are non-existent.

If you decide to be charged in the local currency, your credit card issuer may charge you a foreign-transaction fee to convert the purchase into dollars. Before taking off on your next international adventure, consider applying for a credit card with no foreign transaction fee to avoid these pesky expenses.
Big spenders may also be better off with a credit card that offers a higher earning rate, too, even if those credit cards do charge annual fees. In most cases, it starts the minute you land—you’ll need the right currency for cab fare from the airport, and tips at the hotel.
You can also skip the high foreign exchange commission rates by pulling money out of a foreign ATM, but you might run into the issue of additional fees. But this is the least advisable method for switching money, since they often charge high commission and transaction fees.
They offer the most current (and fair) exchange rate, and don’t often charge a commission. In that case, it’s better to extract larger sums of money for each withdrawal, instead of paying excessive fees for multiple withdrawals.
These have fair exchange rates and no conversion fees, and make it much easier to charge larger amounts while you’re traveling. In addition to no foreign currency transaction fee, the VentureOne card has a straightforward rewards program in which you earn 1.25 miles for every eligible dollar spent on purchases. The few desks that don’t charge commission fees usually have less desirable exchange rates.
Some banks do not charge fees if customers use specific ATMs while abroad, yet other banks charge fees for any ATM use.
If several foreign charges suddenly pop up, the company could freeze your card until they verify the card hasn’t been stolen.

The best credit cards for international travel don’t charge excessive foreign currency credit card fees, are accepted worldwide, and offer concierge-level service to help with your travels. This is true whether you exchange cash at a money changer, withdraw local currency at an ATM, or make purchases with your credit card. When you swipe your card in another country or even online for a purchase in another currency, you are at the vendors’ mercy. And while Discover Cards offer some of the lowest foreign currency exchange rates, they are not widely accepted outside the United States. Your credit or even debit card may not charge you a fee for foreign transactions, but they aren’t exchanging the rate for you either.
If you convert to your home currency, you can track your spending without doing fuzzy conversion math in your head. Ask to be charged in the local currency to avoid the currency-conversion fee.However, if your credit card charges a foreign-transaction fee, the choice is murkier. You will want to pay in the currency that generates the cheaper fee.Foreign-transaction fees are usually between 2 percent and 3 percent of the sale.
That makes them generally cheaper than the 3 percent to 7 percent currency-conversion fees. Bankrate has a chart on foreign-transaction fees that can help.Once you know that fee, you can compare it with the retailer's conversion fee.

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