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One of the common requirements when implementing BI EE is the ability to handle multiple input currencies. Finally we have a rates table called CURRENCY_RATES which will basically store the daily fluctuating rates. The Amount app is not only work as currency converter but it can measure up to 700 unites and differ 30 categories items Such as Acceleration, Angles, area, Clothing (Man), Clothing (Women), Cooking, data, density and more. Local Currency to Reporting Currency Conversion – This is the most common requirement where individual transactions are converted into a common Reporting currency and then rolled up for reporting.
Reporting Currency Restatements – This generally is a finance requirement where the common input reporting currency(assuming input data itself comes in reporting currency) will have to be analyzed for varying rates.

So, basically the Countries table above will have CURRENCY_CODE as an attribute of a Country.
For the purposes of this blog post, i will assume that there is only one common reporting currency which is USD. Know that in the comment as well share your feedback about how to seem these apps collection for best Currency Converter apps for iPhone, iPad in 2015. In such cases, many of the finance related measures like Sales etc will come in local currencies.
You can easily manage your favorite currencies and get automatic ally refresh of the exchange rates.

So, as part of the BI EE setup we need to ensure that such local currency transactions are converted to a common reporting currency. If you’re travel for foreign county tour and you’d like to buy items at their, that time this best Currency Conversion apps for iPhone become most useful to you. Even you can use for Trading business Purpose as well almost Product Base import, export business have require rate conversion so you get instant using these best app on your iPhone.

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