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GoForex was established in 2006, what makes them special is they were created by some of the industries most experienced market veteran and entrepreneurs who together bring 30 years of experience to the site.
GoForex has been created to be fully usable by traders both beginners and experienced providing the best possible experience they can have. The software for GoForex is excellent, built from the same platform as popular ones on the web it uses the ACT Forex Technology.
GoForex has no games on their software but offer other features which are also good although not as fun.

The website for GoForex has also been created to be as useful as the platform, as well as having a Java based platform available. GoForex has 3 different trading platforms, these options have allowed me to get the best possible experience. GoForex do not take any slice of any of the trading you successfully complete, this great news for me as I try to invest most of money on improvements to my house as well as reinvesting in the market. GoForex aims to be your forex guide and to help you learn, trade and invest in the foreign exchange market.

If you have a forex product or service you'd like to promote, consider partnering with GoForex.

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