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Free forex charts for website,international currency exchange rates,foreign exchange online - New On 2016>

However, the Free Marketscope and Trading View platforms that we feature are superior charting services with broader asset coverage, accessibility across multiple platforms (no cookies required) and provide more substantial analysis capabilities. We encourage you to use one of the new charting platforms and see the improvement for yourself.
Tap into a powerful suite of unique, proprietary analysis tools conveniently linked directly to your trading account with our flagship charting package. A fast, powerful and intuitive online charting package offering a broad range of instruments and advanced analysis tools, absolutely free.
Our Currency Calculator lets users of your website instantly convert currencies at the current market rates.

Our Pip Calculator makes it easy for users to find out how much a pip is worth depending on a trader’s lot size. Our Notional Value Calculator provides users with the margin required for opening a trade depending on the lot size and the currency pair. With automatic updating and the ability to choose from up to 44 currency pairs and various time frames, our charts will help you add value to your site. Our Forex Quotes tool lets you keep your visitors informed about the most current forex rates, while also keeping track of percent change for the day and week. As CMS Forex requires a 1% or 4% margin on currency pairs, this is a useful tool for calculating trading costs.

This presentation is designed for new forex traders and also for those experienced traders in other markets who are new to Forex trading.

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