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Almost every book I ever have read or presentation I have attended on the subject of Forex trading or currency spread betting starts with a statement that 95% of those involved lose money! It would be easy enough for any of these so called educators to prove their products by simply publishing results preferably in real time or at least on official documents.
The start of day price (10.00 pm UK) is a very important refernce point for me and for many other traders as it frequently goes on to act as a point of resistance or support or as a pivot point for price directional changes. It seems blindingly obvious to me that for example, if we are in an uptrend and the price is moving towards a loss making buy trade then let things run! There are good reasons to very occasionally close losing trades – mainly to release trading capacity and thereby make more money. The Making Money With Forex course gives access to a GKFX demo account on the MT4 trading platform.
That is exactly what I do and what I teach – halt the loss and create time for the market to come around and allow a profitable exit. The Making Money With Forex home study course from Courses On Forex teaches that the total net volume of open trades should be 0.006% of the equity value of the account.

Shop for Books & More Home From Currency Trading For Dummies, 3rd Edition by Kathleen Brooks, Brian Dolan Choosing a Broker for Currency Trading. In this article I discuss the top 5 reasons why Forex traders lose money and why they don’t need to do so!
This occurs when too many simultaneous trades or trades that are too large for the equity held in the trading account are entered into. The trading record software that comes with the course actually calculates and displays the volume that should act as a maximum level. However, listening to the Forex trainers and reading the books you would really think that this was the standard text followed by all of those who purport to teach the subject. Goodness knows why they want to charge so much when they can apparently make untold riches from trading. The demo account certainly teaches users how things work, what the various buttons do and so forth. My aim in the Making Money With Forex home study course is to put as many other people as possible into the same position.

It reminds me of the forlorn hope, cannon fodder troops of old marching into the face of heavy fire! It is not that I thought of another one but rather that this reason is so integral to my thinking that I almost take it for granted. Despite trivial differences and unusual nuances their offers are pretty standard and the outcome for their customers is pretty standard too – losses! I worked them out for myself initially intuitively and then with testing and documentation.

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