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In the accompanying table we give the exchange rates of Indian rupee in terms of currencies of some other important countries of the world. In the last five years there has been a lot of volatility in exchange rate of the Indian rupee.The value of rupee which was Rs. There were large capital inflows during 2006-07 and 2007-08 and in 2010 which caused appreciation of rupee which reached a peak level of Rs.
The foreign exchange market is not any physical place but a network of communication system connecting the whole complex of institutions including banks, specialized foreign exchange dealers and official Government agencies through which the currency of one country can be exchanged for that of another (i.e.

Floating (Flexible) and Fixed Exchange Rate System.Since exchange rate is a price, its determination can be explained through demand for and supply of currencies.
Appreciation of a currency is the increase in its value in terms of another foreign currency.Thus, if the value of a rupee in terms of U S dollar increases from Rs. Note that when Indian rupee in dollar terms appreciates, the dollar would depreciate.On the other hand, if the value of Indian rupee in terms of US dollars falls, say from Rs.
46 to a dollar, the Indian rupee is said to depreciate which shows the weakening of Indian rupee.

Thus, under a flexible exchange system, the exchange value of a currency frequently appreciates or depreciates depending upon the demand for and supply of a currency.In a fixed exchange rate system the government has to buy or sell foreign exchange in order to maintain the rate at the controlled level.
Again in July 1991 India reduced its value of rupee in terms of dollar by about 20 per cent.

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