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There’s an emerging trend in the Forex arena, and that’s the rise of the use of mobile devices to open and close trade orders. That’s not because you couldn’t do Forex trades through your mobile phone before, but now with the processing power, screen space and added functionality of independently developed Forex apps, it’s never been easier to manage your trades using your smart phone. These days, not only are trading platforms that are designed specifically for your phone, you can also view price charts complete with indicators in vivid color on your mobile device. As I see it, there are severe limitations to using your mobile device to manage your Forex trades which mean that it will always be the second option compared to trading on your computer. Another limitation of mobile Forex trading is that you may not always have a reliable internet connection to your phone. Obviously, while the touch screen functionality of an iPhone or Android may allow you unprecedented ability to customize your charts, there’s nothing like your mouse for drawing trendlines, support and resistance and Fibonacci lines as a visual tool for your trade decision making. There’s no question that mobile Forex trading is a welcome addition to any trader’s trading toolbox, and while it won’t replace computer trading anytime soon, it certainly helps to have the option to be able to analyze and make trades from your mobile platform. Reuben Piryatinsky, Mobile Product Manager, responds: Thank you WhitePipper for your feedback and for the good idea. Reuben Piryatinsky, Mobile Product Manager, responds: Thank you very much Vitezslav for the positive feedback and for the suggestion to increase the contrast of the scale numbers.

The last thing you want is for your connectivity to cut off at a crucial moment, especially if you’re relying on your mobile access to be able to open or close important trades. The beauty of a smart phone is that it gives you another avenue from which to read up on the latest happenings in Forex as it happens. I’m very excited to see what new developments the pioneers of mobile Forex trading have in store for us in the coming years, and who knows, they may find a way to overcome the current limitations of mobile trading.
Using the mobile layout on Android tablets really is pale in comparison to what fxTrade looks and behaves like on the iPad. You guys really have built an app that blows all other mobile FX trading apps out of the water.
Although we currently don't support Autochartist technical analysis in fxTrade Mobile, we will look into adding it in the future.
I very much look forward to mobile trading capability in forex, and am trying to anticipate the costs. Don’t allow mobile access to give you a false sense of security that leads you to place orders without stops or profit targets, because you never know when your app might lose its connection to the main servers. If there’s one thing that you can be sure of though, it’s that this revolutionary ability to trade from the mobile phone is here to stay.

We are currently exploring improvements to our mobile web offering, which will work on BB10 and other modern smartphones straight from the browser - clients will not need to install a native app. In the meantime, please feel free to take advantage of Autochartist technical analysis on our desktop platform, and the collection of over 40 technical analysis tools we support in fxTrade Mobile. Also, please change the colour on scale numbers to white for better contrast, and I'd like to see a full-screen chart on iOS and Android. Data usage for iPad trading depends on multiple factors, including fetching historical data, the number of hours the app is running, and any other server requests such as reading news and making trades.
Articles are for general information purposes only and are not investment advice or a solution to buy or sell any investment product. Please note that we recommend a high-speed cellular connection (3G or LTE) for mobile trading.

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