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Chart pattern recognition softwareChart Patterns is a popular analysis tool in forex traders.
Real Time Intraday Forex Historical Data Files for Any Program On this page we also show this data connected to the Ramp Forex Chart Pattern Recognition Screener. This program will scan end of day and real time Forex, Futures and Stock Market charts for trading patterns. Candlestick Pattern Recognition Candlestick patterns and their detection in forex charts is perhaps the most valuable tool available to forex traders.

Get daily Chart Pattern Alert newsletters covering the equities, futures and forex markets. Ramp Forex Chart Pattern Recognition Scanner and the RT-Alerts Forex Chart Pattern Alerts Program. Forex chart pattern is part of the technical analysis and forex chart pattern can help you to see more clearly the Forex market and to predict price movements.
Automatically detect chart patterns using FxSpyder’s built in candlestick pattern recognition library.

Chart patterns are as old as the technical analysis indicators.There is free automated pattern recognition indicator software that recognizes over 170 patterns, including chart patterns and candlesticks patterns, Generally this recognition software can distinguish chart Continuation Patterns (continuing the trend) and Reversal chart Patterns (a change of the trend is expected). Many of the patterns I present in separate articles, you can see a few important patterns that were easy to see.

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