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Managing the cash flow impacts which is related to foreign exchange rate exposures can appear daunting.
There are different types of exchange rates between various types of currencies, like indirect quotation and direct quotation through bank selling rate, bank buying rate and average rate. The exchange rate can use for the functions like; valuation, conversion, currency translation. In this method, rate is expressed as the number of units of pertinent rate of currency needed to acquire one (1.0) unit of the domestic currency. Include many companies goals related to foreign exchange rate management, types of derivatives that can be employed, and personnel authorized to execute transactions. The consolidation should result in a natural offset or netting of some of the exchange rate of currency balance sheet exposure.

Estimate the total receipts and payments made by each subsidiary in each Forex exchange rate of currency by month for the next 12 months.
Periodically review the foreign exchange rate of currency balance sheet positions and update changes in the anticipated foreign exchange rate of currency cash flows by subsidiary. There are standard quotations to calculate exchange rates such as direct and indirect quotation. In direct method, the rate is expressed as the number of units of local currency needed to acquire one (1.0) unit of the pertinent rate of currency. Remaining net consolidated balance sheet positions by exchange rate of currency should represent the exposure that will be per measured due to changes in rates with the impacts recorded in the income statement.
Review monthly income statements and ensure foreign currency gains and losses are reasonable based on identified exposures and derivative contracts in place.

Usually exchange rate configuration is required, when the company is having business transactions in various currencies. If they are not, a foreign currency exposure has likely changed or not been identified, requiring further investigation. Exchange rate is a way to calculate the differences between local currency and transaction currency.

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