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In Google Spreadsheets, getting current exchange rates is very easy with the built-in Google Finance querying function.
There's a Google Spreadsheet script that returns the exchange rate between EURO and a currency that you specify. This Excel spreadsheet connects to a web service (Oanda) to automatically download historical exchange rates. You won't find anything built in to any spreadsheet for something which changes constantly like exchange rates. There is a free currency conversion tool available for excel which converts between over 160 currencies. Currency Converter FX - Easily get the latest currency exchange rates of more than 150 currencies and convert currencies. Gone are the days or keying in and manually updating an exchange rate in a cell of a spreadsheet and using that to perform currency conversions.

To convert the value in a cell representing an amount in one currency to another currency, multiply the cell reference by the currency conversion formula above in another cell. This Excel spreadsheet has a VBA function (UDF) that scrapes live foreign exchange rates from Yahoo Finance. This is an example of how to use FXRate() in Excel for a currency conversion between GBP and USD. If you want historical currency conversionĀ rates over a date range, then check out this spreadsheet. I tried to use this conversion, but is no longer working or giving no longer a result value.
Along with the OPEN exchange rate (which is the only part I am using), I would like to also extract the exchange date into a cell. Many of the formulas and functions available in Google docs spreadsheets are plugged into the real time web.

You can find a complete and searchable list of currency symbols that can be used with this formula here.
ExecuteWebRequest() retrieves the HTML of a web page, while FXRate() processes the HTML to extract the exchange rates. Currency conversion calculations can always be up to date without having to look up an exchange rate.

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