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Wells Fargo is one of the five largest and most important banks located in the United States today.
Wells Fargo is justifiably renowned for its the foreign currency exchange that it provides both account holders and non-account holders alike. Wells Fargo goes out of its way to make themselves the major player in American-based retail customer foreign exchange.
This service provided by Wells Fargo is available via their Commercial Electronic Office® Business Portal as well as their Wells Fargo Business Online®. Not surprisingly, they offer foreign currency exchange services to their clients, as well as foreign currency wires and even the more exotic and unusual foreign bank drafts for payments overseas.

Bank of America and Citibank may allow their customers to order foreign exchange online, but they rarely, if at all, keep it in supply in branches, and they do not promote or offer the service much to non-account holders.
Wells Fargo goes above and beyond in the foreign exchange service department, particularly for a domestically-based bank, but they have some downsides to this valuable service that they provide.
Business bank customers are able to call 1-866-819-8972 and enroll in their online Foreign Exchange Service.
What may come as a surprise to many is that Wells Fargo not only provides these services of more than one hundred foreign currencies to clients and non-clients alike, but they also make it so convenient to buy and sell said currencies that you will think you are dealing with a foreign exchange desk or a major international bank such as Britain’s HSBC or Barclays Bank, or Germany’s Deutsche Bank and not with a domestic U.S.
This makes Wells Fargo a standout example of customer service in this much needed, but under-serviced, niche within the United States.

In person customers may utilize the bank’s International Teller Site locator to find one of their foreign currency exchange desk branches conveniently based in one of the retail bank locations of Wells Fargo nationally. Those interested parties who are not bank customers may pay for their foreign currency with either MasterCard or Visa credit cards.

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