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Featuring the platform’s signature clean and simple design, the free interactive MahiFX Currency Converter tool will enable users to quickly and easily find out the exchange rate for a particular currency pair. Commenting on this latest platform enhancement, David Cooney, MahiFX CEO said: “Currency exchange rates are of interest to a wide range of people, not just to Forex traders.
MahiFX is headed by David Cooney, former global co-head of currency options and e-FX trading at Barclays Capital and responsible for the award winning e-commerce platform BARX and Susan Cooney, former head of e-FX Institutional Sales in Europe for Barclays Capital.
The OANDA Research and Analytics team blogs about innovation, product design, and next-generation online trading technology.
Decide if you wish to exchange foreign currency online for short-term gain or for a long-term investment. As with the stock market, you could make money and you could lose money exchanging currency online. If you wish to get some currency before a trip to a foreign country, a dealer will sell you as much as you need and make arrangements to have it shipped to you.
Featuring real time and in-depth historical exchange rate data ranging from a previous 5 minutes to 6 months timeline, the proprietary tool gives Forex traders, holiday makers and other consumers, access to current foreign exchange rates along with insight into recent fluctuations and trends in specific major world currencies. Reliable forex rates for over 180 currencies, trusted by corporations, financial institutions, and travelers.

I trust Oanda with my money, and that's a big thing to say knowing the current financial situation. There are numerous companies that offer multi-currency accounts and currency exchange services.
Decide which currencies you might be interested in exchanging online and chart their movement against each other.
Each sequence begins with the 3-letter code of the currency being purchased and ends with the 3-letter code of the currency being exchanged. Short-term gain concerns currency movements over a matter of the next few days and funds must be moved quickly. Keep track of the stability of governments, the balance of payments, the international credit ratings, and the national assets being held by each of the countries whose currency you are tracking.
International currencies also may be exchanged as part of the operational needs of a multi-national company.
Most have the goal of profiting from currency exchanges by speculating on the likelihood of various currencies to strengthen or weaken.
The daily exchange rate given by the London market at noon local time is the generally accepted standard.

These factors traditionally drive the long-term performance of the currency of that country. American companies involved in foreign currency exchange must meet a specific set of standards, and therefore, may be more trustworthy than companies in other countries. These exchanges are used to grow wealth by taking advantage of fluctuations in the various currencies. The exchange rates you see online are live too, so what you see is what you are going to get. You can store the details of all of your beneficiaries online, and their details will be validated so you have no fear of entering the wrong details and having your payments go astray. If you would like to discuss how can help, call 0808 256 6764 or visit Telegraph Business Foreign Exchange for more information.

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