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National currency was issued by any bank in the country that nationalized and desired to print money.
Eventually, the system collapses once the fiat money becomes worthless when the government is unable or unwilling to support its value through taxation. The reasons for the acceptance of the US dollar as the 'anchor currency' was because American soil was largely untouched by destruction from the war leaving most of her manufacturing capacity intact, the arrival of the atomic bomb, and that US vaults held an estimated 65% of the world's gold reserves.

The US dollar was the sole currency of the world linked to gold following the events of World War 2. The Swiss Franc was the best-performing currency of the 20th century, losing only 80% of its value. It was agreed to during the Bretton Wood Agreements made in July 1944 that all currencies would trade against the US dollar within a defined trading band.

Countries would maintain their currency within this trading band by purchasing or selling US securities.

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