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1.    Cash is not quite king – but it’s not bad, especially if you live in LondonCompetition among specialist online and high street forex providers means there are some good rates around if you want to buy currency before you leave.
Online comparison tools like this one can be used to find who is offering the best rates on any one day.
Delivery rates are similar, but the comparison is clouded by delivery charges, which all providers charge on small amounts but waive at a variety of levels.

The Clarity card also has no fees for ATM withdrawals, but interest will be charged immediately at the card’s standard rate of 12.9 per cent. The best online rate for London collection today is 78Rs to the pound, while ICICI’s loading rate is 81, against a market rate of 83.
FairFX offers a slightly better rate at €1.133 but you will be charged for ATM withdrawals.

Foreign currency specialist World First* gave the 20-year-old ?100 in cash and asked him to change it into the local currency at the first bureau de change he could find on entering each new country.The picture below shows Mike with the ?16 that remained once he had returned to the UK.

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