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If you are planning a budget for a trip involving two different currencies, fluctuations in conversion rates can create more work for you.
I now type in the details of my budget, and then calculate the total cost from pounds to euros using the conversion rate at the top of my worksheet. The exchange rate change has been applied to B2 and the budget in ?s has now been automatically updated. This entry was posted in Excel Training and tagged excel financial training on Tue 16 Oct 2012 by Best STL.
Instead of typing all the names of the major world currencies, import them plus the current exchange rates from an External Data Source.
Once the data is imported into the new worksheet, change the name of the new worksheet to Conversion. Now we have all the rates and the names of the major world currencies but to make this work, we need the names of the currencies in our first worksheet.
Now that we have all the currencies, we should create a drop-down box to make sure we get the name of the currency right.
In the validation screen, choose List as the type of allowable values, and the source is the range of cells that have the names of the currencies in them. This will use a lookup function that will find the matching value to whatever currency is set in cell D5, and multiply it by the quantity found in E5. 19Edit step19You can now customise the spreadsheet to reflect the base currency of your choice.

Select the Original Worksheet and insert an additional column between the currency names and the calculator.
In Step 8, if you click on the currency name, it will automatically open a link to MSN Money to give you additional information such as the 52 week high. There is a limitation to this spreadsheet in that you can only go against the US dollar, but given that most world currencies are measured against it, this makes sense. In Google Spreadsheets, getting current exchange rates is very easy with the built-in Google Finance querying function. There's a Google Spreadsheet script that returns the exchange rate between EURO and a currency that you specify.
The data on the Yahoo Finance Page is pretty limited, but it covers the most popular currencies.
This Excel spreadsheet connects to a web service (Oanda) to automatically download historical exchange rates.
You won't find anything built in to any spreadsheet for something which changes constantly like exchange rates.
There is a free currency conversion tool available for excel which converts between over 160 currencies.
You can use built-in GOOGLEFINANCE function which fetches current or historical securities information from Google Finance.
In some cases your copy of Excel might already be configured to do this, but let's cover it anyway.

Excel has lots of built-in functions that we can use to do calculations, like SUM(), AVERAGE() and COUNT() for example. If the conversion rate changes, I can amend B2 and the formulas in column F will automatically update. Under Refresh Control, specify how often you want Excel to retrieve new data, or pick Refresh data when opening the file. The following method will create a new function called MYCURRENCYEXCHANGER() that will take our two currencies as parameters, and return the exchange rate.
I would recommend the courses to anyone as […]Gained some great skills and knowlegde Tue 24 Nov 2015I went on the Excel - Functions and Formulas course and I learned a lot, there were several different excercises which demonstrated the many uses of all the formulas you learn. Here's a simple way to create a currency converter within Excel that gets the exchange rates from the Internet automatically! It uses Yahoo API and MSN money website to get live currency rates in Excel exposed as custom functions. To find what retail rate you'll get, you'll need to contact the institution you actually buy your currency from.

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