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Here I want to talk about a couple basic investing principles which includes a trading plan, developing quantitative trading strategies, and how to diversify your investment portfolio in a new and exciting way. Your business depends on the accuracy of your algorithmic trading software so don’t try to cut corners, as it will likely be much more costly down the road. A common dilemma for FX traders is whether to adopt a manual or algorithmic trading strategy that produces profitable outcomes over the long-term. Algorithmic trading has become ever more popular in recent years – accounting for approximately half of all European and American stock trades placed in 2012. This case study examines the implementation of back-testing algorithms for algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategies.
Your large corporation, small firm or individual trading operation requires algorithmic high frequency trading solutions all your own. Many investors are testing their investment ideas on the stock market and this can be quite effectively through the use of algorithmic trading software.

But that is simply because they have likely not tried some of the cool new software available for algorithm traders. So many quantitative systems traders are new to creating trading strategies and back-testing them. Substantial trading experience and a deep knowledge of the FX markets are huge positives when it comes to forming profitable trading strategies and should never be discounted in favour of algorithmic technology. FX traders can become influenced by the most recent trading results, without considering the bigger picture. The trading strategies need to be back-tested regularly using historical market data for calibration and to check the expected return and risk. This ensures you are working with an individual that understand the financial markets, trading, programming, testing and running live systems. This means the experienced trader will have managed enough trades to know the dangers of acting on blind patterns and gut instinct, while knowing to avoid trading at times when the markets are particularly volatile.

However, back-testing the strategies frequently intra-day can significantly increase the profits for the trading institution. But even experience is prone to human error - and this is the negative side to solely placing trust in a manual trading strategy. Despite these psychological mine fields, if FX traders take the time to watch their own psychological traits, it can lead to a dramatic improvement in the ability to make a manual trading approach successful. Self-doubt leads to rushed and costly decisions, and this is real danger of manual trading.

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