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Until then, it is a great pair if you trade the news on a short term, but relying only on technical analysis here is still an issue. And as seasons change, so do markets: some become more predictable, while others lose touch with charts.
Thanks for visiting!A predictable currency pair will make a convincing follow through after breaking a clear technical barrier, or hesitate and bounce off.
Here is an updated and ranked list of the 5 most predictable pairs for the last quarter of 2013, each with its special style.
Recently, the pound tends to work better with other currencies such as the euro, Aussie, kiwi and also the yen, but doesn’t behave well with the greenback.
Thanks for visiting!Some currency pairs will push through if they break a significant support or resistance. The pair enjoys ranges which are highly respected, like in the days when it was on the rise, and very nice channel behavior.
Thanks for visiting!Not all currency pairs behave in the same manner: the better ones will slow down when approaching a clear line of support or resistance and will then bounce back.

The pair tends to check out the limits of the channels before making a big bounce to the other direction.
Nevertheless, it is still a very interesting pair which tends to mark the range upon a breakout, and stay within this range for a period of time. Thanks for visiting!There are forex pairs which will slow down and bounce back as they get close to a distinct support ro resistance line. The Greek crisis, with the flood of news around it, make trading on this pair quite choppy. However, I would say that predictability is relative, that is, it depends on strategy and time frame. The current trends in the euro-zone and in the UK are likely to continue and support the channel, making this cross attractive also in Q4. Q4 will likely see further sharp moves, but after the long term range was broken, predictability is likely to remain relatively high. Note that both the euro and the Canadian dollar are far less predictable against the greenback, but they find an interesting balance against each other.

Here is a ranked and updated list for Q1 2013 of the top 5 pairs, with each pair’s characteristics. Nevertheless, this pair is still better than many others, with support and resistance lines working quite well. Macroeconomics, the impact of news on the ever-moving currency markets and trading psychology have always fascinated me. This behavior is likely to continue in Q1, assuming the European debt crisis continues in its current form: managed but not resolved.
Yes, this pair especially since we dont know when ABE and BOJ will turn off the faucet, well, play these currencies but not against each other. But why wouldnt I short the EURO with the CAD and AUD, strong reliable currencies with better interest rates.

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