This is the 1st article in a series about using the Internet and social media as an educational resource.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the YouTube channels that can excite those brain cells instead of letting them sit lethargically, watching another blooper reel.
So when you’re done with those double-rainbows (which admittedly, was hilarious), try putting on that thinking cap for a nice change of pace.
Thomas Samph and Alon Eisenberg, both graduates of Boston University, spent the year after their graduation teaching English abroad in France and Argentina, respectively.
We Want YOU to Contribute!!TN2M is a blog for you - and what better way to honor that than submitting your own pieces for us to read? Though the funny, adorable and delusional have all found their niche on YouTube, a lot of people aren’t aware that the website gives you access to some of the best educational resources in the world, for free.

Having a great layout, the eHow YouTube channel is really easy to navigate, breaking down their channel into seven sections: Home, Pets, Food, Style, Fitness, Family, and Tech. The Khan academy YouTube channel focuses mostly on math and sciences – look elsewhere for social media training – but it is branching out into History and the Arts as well. Updated a few times every hour, this channel is filled with the kind of content you would expect from the Associated Press: mostly international news with very little fluff. TED videos have a global perspective: they are a collection of “the greatest thinkers” in the world who give 18-minute speeches on any variety of topics. The site is constantly updated with helpful content for self-improvement, home-improvement and more.
If this endorsement isn’t enough, consider that Bill Gates and Google have placed their stamps of approval on the site.

Their motto is “ideas worth spreading” so you can count on any given lecture being thought provoking to say the least. UC Berkeley’s YouTube page offers entire courses free online for topics ranging from Psychology to Computer Science. Plus, you can join in on great discussions on the TED website, like ones about netiquette and Internet censorship, or find TEDx local events near you.

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