Firstly, the Tyros 5 is now available as both a 61 and 76 key unit, something that is unique to this new model and features a new fingering mode that will be of huge benefit to piano players.
The Tyros 5 houses all of the great sounds that made its predecessor so popular, plus 300 completely new sounds and 539 new styles making it attractive to those who may want to upgrade from one of their older Tyros keyboards. The Tyros5 features Vintage, Home, Euro, Concert, and Theatre organ Voices, all superbly reproduced with stunning samples that allow the Tyros5 to shine in any situation that an organist might encounter.
Adding forty new percussion-based Styles to the Tyros5’s impressive backing and accompaniment capabilities, Audio Styles add natural feel, ambience, and warmth to drum and percussion parts, offering greater expressive potential. Not only does the Tyros5 have new and high-quality effect types, including Real Distortion and Real Reverb, it provides beautifully designed panel displays, with highly intuitive controls just like actual effect devices. Real Reverb is an improved version of the Reverb technology found in previous versions of the Tyros.
Real Distortion effects are based on digital models of classic guitar amplifiers from the 1960?s and 1970?s.
While digital solutions are increasingly prevalent in music production studios and performance venues, but older analog gear is still used to get the warm sound that digital effects typically cannot provide. The Tyros5 is capable of playing back and recording audio files, and also possesses a range of audio manipulation features you can use to create karaoke style minus one tracks in the key and tempo of your choice. Audio Link Multi Pad function lets you link your own audio files (sound effects, vocal phrases, and so on), and trigger them from the Pads as you perform.
A powerful Vocal Cancel function effectively cancels or suppresses signals like vocals and solos that play a central role in an audio file, allowing you to make your own minus one track and sing karaoke style with just instrumental backing.
In another first, the Tyros5 allows you to record Audio Styles to hard disk as audio files, which you can also use in performances. Cross fader lets you adjust the volume balance between MIDI Song playback and Audio file playback, allowing you to give DJ-like performances while playing. Lock the panel to prevent any settings from being changed when you are away from the instrument the perfect function for the live performer. Tyros5 features four Sub Out line-out connections that you can use to adapt your sound to any performance situation, whether it be sending a specific part to a powered monitor, or sending a different sound to the house PA. Cenovy navrh bol odoslanyPreverime moznosti a zasleme Vam e-mail s odpovedou hned ako to bude mozne.
Profesionalna pracovna stanica, Arranger Keyboard so 76 klavesovou, polovyvazenou klaviaturou s dotykovou citlivostou a funkciou aftertouch. Denna vara kan inte laggas i varukorgen, da du har en demodeal fran en annan butik i din varukuorg. Dlho ocakavana vlajkova lod spolocnosti Yamaha - Tyros 5 s podtitulom „The Power of Reality“ je konecne tu!
Mozno by ste radi privitali dotykovu obrazovku, ale po burlivych diskusiach sa v spolocnosti Yamaha rozhodli ponechat novemu modelu stare dobre tlacidlove ovladanie, aby sa uzivatelia, ktori su zvyknuti na starsie modely, nemuseli ucit nove ovladanie, ale mohli okamzite, lahko a bez obav na javisku uzivat bezstarostnu realisticku hru. Vzdy ste obdivovali, ako jednoducho sa da z nahravky obycajneho nastoja vytvorit v studiu pridanim roznych efektov brilantny zvuk? Audio Link Multi Pad teraz umoznuje prehravat aj audio subory, ktore mozu byt transponovane, pripadne mozete menit ich tempoHlavny panel bol prepracovany tak, aby mal uzivatel noveho Tyrosu 5 vsetky potrebne funkcie ihned k dispozicii. Profesionalna pracovna stanica, Arranger Keyboard so 61 klavesovou, polovyvazenou klaviaturou s dotykovou citlivostou a funkciou aftertouch. All your personal and credit card details are taken via our secure server so they are encrypted to stop fraud or abuse of your details.

Once you have completed your order an e-mail copy of the order confirmation will be sent to you. V12 Classic Credit and Interest Free Finance options are provided by V12 Retail Finance, which is owned by Secure Trust Bank PLC. The Tyros series has always pushed the boundaries of technology and this new addition is no exception. The extra octave means that not only do you have more range but is particularly useful when using the keyboard as a 3 manual organ.
Not only this, but the upright piano voicing is sampled from a Yamaha U1 acoustic piano, as features in the Clavinova range.
More than 300 new Voices have been added to the Tyros5, with new brass, guitars, synth, electric pianos, and upright pianos. This provides an authentic sound that sounds as if a group of actual performers were playing, and allows you to enjoy playing like an instrumental quartet with ease.
With features such as a comprehensive set of realistic organ-style controls, adjustable effects, and intuitive operation that allows you to alter the sound in real time while you play, Organ World is sure to meet the demands of the most demanding performer. Audio Styles also benefit from Yamaha’s Time Stretch Technology, which allows the audio to follow your tempo changes without changing pitch, so everything stays in perfect sync. These also include VCM effects that use the same technology as the professional-level processing on Yamaha’s high-end mixers. New algorithms take a greater number of factors into account, producing smoother, more natural reverbs. Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology provides accurate reproductions of the classic sound of such effects units. The Tyros5 can put your favorite song in the key of your choice with a powerful pitch shift feature that lets you change the key without changing the tempo.
Moving the fader to the left increases the volume of MIDI Song playback, while moving it to the right increases the volume of Audio playback. Use of these images or text may be copyright restricted or subject to terms and conditions. Nastroj disponuje novym zvukovym enginom EDS-X (Enhanced Definiton Synthesis-eXpanded) s vylepsenym realistickym a krystalovo cistym zvukom a jednoduchym usporiadanim ovladacich prvkov a intuitivnym prepracovanim grafickeho rozhrania. Nielen ze je opat o nieco lahsi ako jeho predchodcovia, co potesi najma muzikantov casto prenasajucich nastroj z miesta na miesto, ale dostal do vienka aj novu farbu „Titanium“. YAMAHA sa k tomuto kroku podujala nielen z vlastneho rozhodnutia, ale hlavne sa inspirovala z nazorov samotnych pouzivatelov na celom svete.Tyros 5 a jeho nove zvukyAj vy mate radi tu prirodzenu „spinu“ realnych akustickych nastrojov? Slacikove, alebo dychove kvarteto este nikdy neznelo na klavesovom nastroji tak prirodzene.
YAMAHA Tyros 5 vam pomocou funkcie Pitch Shift dovoli transponovat audio subor bez zmeny tempa skladby, naopak funkcia Time Stretch spomali, alebo zrychli audioskladbu bez zmeny toniny. Orders placed on a Friday before 4pm will be delivered on the following Monday.  Saturday delivery is available at extra cost and can be selected at the checkout. Voices in the new Tyros have been sampled from real musicians playing real instruments, for example; the drum sounds have been sampled from real drums in a live studio, offering players authentic and realistic instrument modeling. The result meticulously reproduces the frequencies and dynamics of real distortion guitar sounds. If you do want to change the tempo, you can use the time stretch feature to slow down or speed up the tempo without changing the pitch.

A convenient real-time Mic Level indicator is included in the main display, and a intuitive graphic user interface makes it easy to experiment with your own mic settings, effects and harmony types. K dispozicii je tiez velky, prehladny 7" display s funkciou TouchView, masivna interna ROM pamat s rozsirenou PCM databazou, viac ako 1500 zvukov vratane GM a XG setov, 512 uzivatelskych zvukov a 128 uzivatelskych bicich sad s plnou moznostou editacie.
Ked saxofonista zahra glissando, ked sa klarinetista medzi tonmi nadychne, ked zvuk maleho bubna je kazdym uderom trochu iny, ked  sa pri hre na gitare obcas ozve drevo?
Vsetky styri nastroje zneju naraz stlacenim jedineho klavesu, pricom su ich tony casovo, dynamicky aj ladenim mierne rozhadzane zakazdym inak, takze celkovy dojem zo zvuku je az neuveritelne autenticky.Tyros 5 a Audio stylyCo moze byt viac autentickejsie ako hra hudobnika na klasicky nastroj? Prezente gitarovy zvuk cez realne kombo, pridajte lead zvukom vintage analog efekt, dostane sa s grand pianom do koncertnej saly.
The guitar sampling features on the Tyros 5 are particularly impressive, with options to run through a variety of popular amplifiers and effects. Tradlos LAN-adapter.Tyros5 ar helt enkelt den mest kraftfulla och basta keyboard Yamaha nagonsin har byggt.
Pre vacsiu variabilitu si teraz mate moznost vybrat zo 61 alebo 76 klavesovej verzie.Tyros 5 a dotykovy displej.
A prave tymto heslom sa nechali vyvojari Tyros 5 inspirovat pri zavedeni prevratnej novinky – Audio Styles. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Navyse mate istotu, ze uvedene prislusenstvo v ramci tohto SETU je pre konkretny nastroj vhodne. Den finns i tva varianter, dels 76 tangenter for att frigora den fulla potentialen av de forbluffande realistiska ljuden av saval akustisk flygel som elektriska pianon, samt den kompakta och valkanda 61 tangentsversionen, for maximal barbarhet.
Viac ako 300 novych zvukov obsahuje tieto specifika a technologiu AEM ( Articulation Element Modeling), ktora reprodukuje druhy tychto hracich technik. Az 40 stylov v tomto nastroji bolo specialne vyrobenych pridanim zivych zvukovych sluciek, ktore nahravali profesionalni hudobnici v roznych nahravacich studiach po celom svete. AEM vyberie optimalny zvuk v realnom case z masivnej databazy vzoriek zvukovych dat pri hre na klavesnici v realnom case.Uz dlhsie tuzite mat vo svojom nastroji specificke zvuky ako cimbal, balalajka, taliansky bandeon, ci drumblu?
Zachovali sa tak vsetky specifika a nuansy klasickych hudobnych nastrojov, ktore je tazko v klavesovom nastroji napodobnit. The quality and range of sounds that this workstation has to offer means that whatever style of music you want to play will be catered for. Den nya funktionen Organ World satter en ny standard av hur bra klassisk, teater och moderna orgel ljud kan lata, den nya Ensemble-funktionen gor att string och brass sektionen kommer till liv pa ett satt du aldrig har hort forut och for att gora din upplevelse total, har vi lagt till real audio drums och percussions i form av audiostyles.
Oavsett om du anvander din Tyros5 for att komponera, arrangera eller pa scen, ar Tyros5 det sjalvklara valet! Tyros 5 je totiz otvoreny system, kde si mozete nove zvuky a styly jednoducho stiahnut, co zarucuje, ze tento nastroj vas neomrzi ani po niekolkych rokoch pouzivania.
De starka benen som haller upp keyboardet ar inte bara bra stod, designen mojliggor ocksa gott om benutrymme under stativet. Yamaha Tyros TRS-MS05Hogtalarsystem sarskilt utformat for att aterge den hoga ljudkvaliteten hos Tyros 5. Satellithogtalare pa 20+20 Watt, 40 Watt Subwoofer, inklusive hogtalarfasten och kablar.Hogtalare speciellt konstruerad for att aterge ljud av hog kvalitet i Tyros 5 Satellite 20 +20 Watt Subwoofer 40 Watt, inkl.

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