The next Dark Metal Mass will take place on Friday 15th December, and will be in the Marquee – mark it in your calendars! In my opinion the best way to enjoy this festival is from the wonderfully centrally placed Holiday Inn, but that sells out quickly.
Not sure if we can make it this year, especially with WGT, but perhaps this is one for alternate years.
I’ve been dabbling with music recording, mixing and production for a couple of years now, and my experience as well as collection (both hardware and software) keeps growing.
This is my workstation, which neatly shows off my newest addition: a pair of Tannoy Reveal 5As.
I got the Shure PG58 mike at the same time as the mixing desk above, now over a year and a half ago.
This Yamaha PSR620 was my father’s keyboard before he shipped it up to me from Luxembourg. My main DAW (digital audio workstation) is the great Samplitude 8, which I recently got free with Computer Music magazine. Ich biete ein gebrauchtes YAMAHA PSR-620 Keyboard mit StA¤nder und Hocker und viel ZubehA¶r.

I would advise anyone interested to book accomodation straight away, even if festival tickets aren’t on sale yet. I’ve got pictures from Metal Camp 2006 for those wanting an idea of what it was like. I spent quite a while in Sound Control the other day listen to Bruce Dickinson’s Tyranny of Souls through a variety of near-field monitors at low to high volumes, and these babies made the cut. I’ve had this one for a while now, and while it does its job, it will be replaced by something a bit more powerful, like the Alesis MultiMix8, in the near future. It’s a great and versatile dynamic mike, a little bit cheaper than renowned all-rounder 57. It comes with a large array of synth sounds, although I use it mostly as MIDI keyboard for my VSTis. A collection of free softsynths, other VSTis, and plugins round off the setup, along with the sublime ezDrummer, which is easily worth its pricetag. You can check out some recent stuff at or this here MySpace, though more is in the works!
Some of you may recall Savatage’s song Believe as the first song Karen and I danced to on our wedding.

The Fender practice amp on the right has fantastic sound for a thing of its size, and the one in the background is a bass amp.
Anyone who’s into goth, industrial, cyber, or (because this is Germany after all) gothic metal and heavier stuff will be catered for. Various guitars, eletrical, acoustic and ukuleles, and sundry instruments are dotted around the room too. The various stages are divided by genre so if you find one that lists a couple of bands that you know and like you’re pretty much guaranteed to like the other ones playing there.
Add German beer, the medieval and viking markets and the general atmosphere of the whole thing, and this a winner.

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