The first Yamaha 76-key Portable Keyboard with Piano-size Box-style keys and a disk drive, the DGX300 is the piano with less needs. The DGX-300 is a 76-key piano-style touch response keyboard with an extra high quality piano sound. The DGX-300 is part of a new piano-focused series of instruments from Yamaha called Portable Grand™. The DGX-300 has a 3.5" disk drive with the ability to read and write Standard MIDI Files (SMF), allowing it to communicate with the world.
And finally, even though the DGX-300 comes with a generous selection of built-in music styles, the disk drive opens up the ability to load in even more styles for you to enjoy.
Hobbyists, music students and professional musicians will find that the DGX-300 has got their needs covered. Not only do you get full compatibility with General MIDI (GM), you get hundreds of XG Lite Voices and full MIDI control of voice and effects parameters like Reverb and Chorus, which add an extra dimension of richness. Timing mode: You can play the melody or chord by pressing any key using the correct timing. Minus One mode: Mute the left-hand, right-hand, or both parts of a song and play along nonstop. Chord Dictionary – shows you how to play chords and tells you which chords you are playing by displaying the notes and chord name on the LCD screen. Separate tweeters deliver high frequency sounds with clarity and precision for more lifelike instrument voices.
Enhances sound quality with sophisticated digital effects like Reverb, Chorus & Echo effects. The Floppy Disk Drive makes it easy to transfer files between your computer and your Yamaha keyboard, but for those who would rather connect the two directly together, Yamaha makes it easy. The Watch & Learn Video Series is an in-home learning series for portable keyboard enthusiasts, featuring Tom Folenta, one of Yamaha's top product specialists.
PSR-540 opens up new musical possibilities by incorporating advanced features and dynamic sounds that until now were unavailable in this class of personal keyboard. Multi Pads add more fun to your keyboard performance by letting you trigger various melodic and rhythmic phrases as you play. The PSR-540 is equipped with a floppy disk drive that allows you to play back MIDI song data in a variety of formats - including SMF 0 and 1, DOC, and Disklavier formats - and gives you the benefit of unlimited storage for your original musical compositions. The One Touch Setting (OTS) function automatically configures keyboard parameters, such as melody voice selection, tempo, and accompaniment volume, to optimally match each music style you select. Never before available in this class of keyboard, a backlit LCD is provided for easy operation in darkened environments. Expand your musical possibilities by connecting the keyboard to external MIDI devices or even to a personal computer. All reconditioned printers do not include supplies - toners, drums (where applicable), printer cables, manuals, consumables.
If you're looking for a reasonably priced piano replacement, look no further than the DGX230. 2-Way Speaker SystemSeparate woofers and tweeters deliver sounds with clarity and precision for more lifelike instrument voices. Bass Boost SystemA special port on each speaker adds a powerful impact to bass sound reproduction. Stereo (Not just 2 Speakers)We all know that stereo sound adds realistic character and spatial depth.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)Enhances sound quality with sophisticated digital effects like Harmony, Reverb & Chorus.
Advanced Wave Memory (AWM)Yamaha Advanced Wave Memory technology delivers amazingly realistic sound.
The DGX230 delivers on its piano theme with a special mode of fingering called Full Keyboard Mode. The DGX230 has 30 built-in songs plus 70 more on included CD-ROM for you to learn to play using the Yamaha Education Suite.
The DGX230 comes with 30 built-in songs plus 70 more on an included CD-ROM and an interactive lesson system, divided into left and right hand parts, for learning them. There are many tools in the keyboard that make it easy to be a power user from the first day you own the keyboard. Five different master equalizer (EQ) settings are provided to give you the best possible sound when listening through different reproduction systems—the instrument's internal speakers, headphones, or an external speaker system.
You can change the "feel", or arrangement, of songs by simply pressing the Easy Song Arranger button, allowing you to re-mix any MIDI file.
In addition to the 100 songs mentioned above, the DGX230 also has auto accompaniment styles that "follow" your playing.

You're never more than a button push away from the most realistic piano sound in portable keyboards today. The DGX230 features USB MIDI, Sustain Pedal jack and a Headphone jack for private practice. ANAHEIM (January 23, 2014) — Yamaha today introduced the new P-255 contemporary digital piano at the 2014 NAMM Show, a keyboard for experienced musicians looking for a portable, self-amplified instrument for both serious practice and live performance. As suitable in the home as it is on stage, this powerhouse model boasts Pure CF Sampling from a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand for its piano tone, outstanding responsive touch via Graded Hammer action and Synthetic Ivory Keytops designed for maximum comfort even during long playing sessions. When performing with a group, Sound Boost helps players cut through the mix of other musicians by compressing the dynamic range of the keyboard's sound to raise volume output. Paired with the optional L-255 matching stand and LP-255 piano-style, three-pedal unit, the P-255 provides an attractive contemporary piano appearance that doesn't take up too much space in the home. As for sound, the DGX-300 features an extra-high quality stereo piano sample and a generous selection of Yamaha's famous XGlite voices resulting in remarkable sonic quality, far beyond anything in its price point. You can download a song file from the literally thousands of songs on the Internet onto a 3.5" disk in your computer, then take the same disk, insert it into the DGX-300 and play the song. And guess what, the Internet is alive with people exchanging styles that they have created on hi-end Yamaha keyboards.
For the hobbyist, just pull out your favorite music book, select a style and start playing.
No matter what level of playing ability your at, you'll appreciate being able to build combinations of your favorite sounds. But, even when the keyboard is easy to operate, how does the novice know which settings to make that are appropriate for the song he wants to play? On the back of the keyboard, you'll find a special MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) port that lets you connect your keyboard to your computer (requires a MIDI Interface like the UX16 and music software ). No matter what styles of music you enjoy playing, this keyboard includes hundreds of stunning sounds - including a beautiful stereo-sampled grand piano and the superb sounding XG voice set as well as over one hundred music style accompaniments to back your performance.
The DGX 230 also features professional pitch bend wheel for more expressive playing of brass and string instruments. It is the music student or professional musicians' answer to "I need more keys!" and many music teachers encourage new students to get a keyboard that will grow with their needs. This allows the player to play the keyboard like a piano; for example a chord with the right hand and bass notes with the left. The songs are separated into left and right hand parts, providing 7 levels of lessons plus a convenient chord dictionary.
With the DGX230, you have the equivalent of a built-in multi-track recorder to record one or multiple instrument parts at a time and assign each part to a different track. In addition, you have the ability to connect to a computer via USB, download more songs from the Internet into the internal Flash ROM (PC only), and use all of the Yamaha Education Suite features to help you learn to play them. The keyboard selects an appropriate voice for the right hand melody, the correct musical style and the correct tempo. For example, on a jazz style OTS might be piano, for a Latin style it might be acoustic guitar and for a rock style it might be a guitar with overdrive etc. Obviously, more is always better, because too little polyphony can cause dropouts in dense passages of music. In fact, Yamaha professional audio products are found in most professional recording studios around the world. Simply select a style of music from the 160 built-in styles (example Rock) and start playing. One press of the Portable Grand button resets the entire keyboard to a stereo-sampled piano — perfect for when it's time to practice. For solo appearances, a comprehensive set of built-in rhythm patterns adds great sounding drums and percussion to any performance.
Additionally, mobile devices can be connected to the mini-jack AUX input, allowing music to play through the model's built-in speakers, or even through a connected external amplifier.
These include a disk drive making it convenient to save compositions without a computer and play songs, and an outstanding new music database that makes it so easy to sound professional when playing your favorite songs. Yamaha is one of the only portable keyboards manufacturers that builds and designs real pianos. The quality is enhanced by the inclusion of two-way speakers and bass ports for high fidelity sound. You can also purchase professionally made MIDI song files and education software with music from your local music store.
The amazing benefits of having a Disk Drive inside your keyboard are all there, waiting for you.
In addition to the huge assortment of built-in styles that cover all genres of music, a wealth of special piano-only "Pianist" styles, like Piano Ballad or Boogie Woogie, provide professional-sounding piano accompaniment that changes chords automatically as you do, while you play a piano melody on top!

Pressing the "Split" button divides the keyboard into two parts, allowing you to have two different sounds on the keyboard at the same time, like piano on the right and bass on the left.
Well, if learning to play music is important to you, the Yamaha Education Suite II™, a wonderful set of music training functions, makes learning music incredibly easy. With Yamaha's remarkable new Music Database, you simply choose from over 200 song titles in the database and the entire keyboard will set itself up for that song.
Call up your favorite style of music like Rock, Big Band, Gospel or Country, press a chord or play Single Finger mode, and the DGX-300 will follow you through a piece of music, providing all of the drums, bass, piano, guitar, horn and string parts for you. For the composer, the PSR-540 has a 16-track sequencer, plus, a built-in floppy disk drive with which you can load song data in a variety of formats, including Standard MIDI Files. Visit our Websites where you can browse through a wide selection of MIDI files and download your favorite songs for purchase.
It also comes with innovative features like USB computer connectivity, a large selection of realistic voices including the Yamaha Portable Grand, and the Yamaha Education Suite. It features 76 non-weighted keys that not only look like piano keys but have a Graded Soft Touch (GST) action with different levels of resistance, making it easier for a budding musician to move to an acoustic or digital piano. Six tracks are provided to accommodate sophisticated melodies, chord accompaniment and rhythm parts. Select a song, press the Performance Assistant button Chord Mode and play the keyboard – any notes you like.
The DGX230 has 32 notes of polyphony and will play back 16 different parts or sounds at once (16-part multi timbrel); enough for the most demanding needs. The DGX230 takes full advantage of this know-how, giving you an extensive range of nine, top-quality reverb effects that simulate playing in everything from a small room to a large spacious concert hall and four chorus effects that add richness to electric pianos and guitars in particular. The DGX230 will create a backup band (bass, drums, strings, guitar etc.) and "follow" you through the song. Yamaha is known around the world for the quality of our acoustic pianos and this attention to detail is evident as you enjoy the warmth and clarity of the DGX230 Portable Grand piano. In fact, Yamaha is recognized as the world leader in pianos, from home models to concert grands and Yamaha Portable Keyboards have always been recognized by consumer and music publications as superior musical instruments and the portable keyboard brand of choice.
The music student (or parents thereof!) will appreciate that by simply pressing the Portable Grand™ button, they transform the keyboard into a great sounding piano, stunningly rich and authentic in its sound and exceptionally responsive to their playing touch, as well as setting up the keyboard to play as a piano in full keyboard mode.
And to make it easy and entertaining, when you select one of the styles, the One Touch Setting function will automatically configure keyboard parameters, such as voice selection and digital effects, to match that selected music style. The DGX-300 has a full 32-note Polyphony allowing you to play intricate instrumental arrangements and dense musical passages. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, the PSR-540 packs a versatile assortment of features to enhance your musical creativity.
Traditional portable keyboards normally require you to chord on the left side of the keyboard, in the bass section, which is foreign to most piano players. Now, instead of wading through function menus and fighting through a maze of selections, one button is your expressway to music on the web and your computer.
And of course, the keyboard includes a Sustain Pedal jack on the back for practicing and playing piano pieces. And finally, the professional musician will quickly discover that there is a complement of over 600 sounds to explore.
For example, for a Country style, the keyboard might select an acoustic guitar, fiddle or steel guitar for the right-hand voice with appropriate effects. In addition, once connected, you can play your songs into the computer (PC and Mac), edit them if necessary, and e-mail them to your friends and family. And with General MIDI (GM) and XGlite compatibility, song data always plays back with the correct sounds. And if you don't want to bother writing out the music for a song, you can just record it as you play. Play a perfect arpeggio, or play chords in time with the music, or really "go for it" and play a solo.
Now, imagine recording your student's first song onto a disk, copying it into your computer and attaching it to e-mail so friends and family can hear. Imagine being able to give a concert to your friends or relatives the very first day that you bring this remarkable keyboard home.
Play the correct notes with the right and any notes with the left and you're making beautiful music. In addition to working with any of the internal songs with chords, this feature also works with XF MIDI files.

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