YAMAHA YDP142:This model of Yamaha provides a piano tone which is very authentic and is motivating for any budding pianist. The world renowned quality and longevity of Yamaha Pianos has ensured that many of our instruments are able to be sold as Used Yamaha Piano's, second-hand Piano's or ex-part exchange piano for many years after their original purchase. Choosing one of Yamaha's new pianos will give you additional peace of mind as each piano is covered by Yamaha's 5 year warranty and will continue to offer a good investment and great performance for many years after. Yamaha works with many good Piano dealers so to find out more or to arrange a demonstration please contact your nearest Yamaha Piano Dealer. Yamaha have been making pianos for over a century but the new b series is something of a departure for us.
Yamaha's uncompromising insistence on superb sound and resonance, available at a price suitable for smaller budgets. With a full, resonant tone that only a grand piano can possess, the GC1 series provides superior performance at an affordable price. Swietuj z nami 10-ta rocznice powstania pianin serii b i nagraj swoje wideo z instrumentem serii b - do wygrania az 10 nagrod po 4200 PLN. Subskrybuj nasz newsletter, aby otrzymac aktualne informacje o nowosciach, promocjach, kampaniach, konkursach i wiele wiecej! I have looked at the manual, and adjusted some of the reverb and sound enhancements settings.
This Yamaha piano has a full length ribs into a notched liner with solid spruce soundboard and ribs and acoustibars.

Like most Yamaha grand pianos, the key travel has cut thread tuning pins with mute pedal and Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners, Did you kow that Yamaha specifically seasons these pianos for the U.S. Yamaha piano reinforces the crown in its soundboards by using ribs that continue to the edge of the soundboard, and are glued into the notched liner. Yamaha piano engineering developed a unique aluminum alloy action Rail (bearing a Yamaha patent) that is one of the best piano innovations for improving a Yamaha piano action in many years. A hundred years of accumulated knowledge has been condensed into our most affordable piano ever. Like most Yamaha pianos, this one has solid copper wound bass strings, hard maple bridges and aluminum alloy action rails with Yamaha's balanced action spruce keys with hardwood buttons.
The finest spruce is quarter sawn; and less than 10% of the total is selected and reserved for Yamaha piano soundboards. The usual wood rails that effect touch, caused by periodic weather changes, are eliminated allowing stable, long-lasting action regulation that produces that quality Yamaha piano sound you expect. Regardless of piano size, type or model of Yamaha piano, the piano keyboards will always feel the same. Unfortunately though there can be used Yamaha piano's for sale that do not represent the original quality and standards that Yamaha applied when the products were manufactured.
The tuning stability, finish and overall piano musical integrity are enhanced over the long life expected of a fine piano.
Solid spruce, rather than laminated spruce or poplar, is the choice in all fine Yamaha pianos for the best amplification.

This piano key balancing helps ensure a lifetime of superior touch and control across the Yamaha piano keyboard.
It is ideal for piano key construction, even though its cost is greater than either sugar pine or bass wood. With many grey imports of Yamaha Pianos from other areas of the world ,like Japan, todays consumers do have to be a little wary that the Yamaha Piano they are being offered is really representative of Yamaha's quality. Yamaha piano keyboards respond quickly providing fast repetition for the most intricate piece of piano music. The areas of a Piano's function that can be really affected it the Piano has not been cared for correctly are tuning instability , poor regulation & touch and spare components that were not designed and produced by Yamaha specifically for the European Market. To be absolutely confident that your investment is secure it would be wise to look at Yamaha's fantastic b series, Gb1 and GC series which have been designed and specified to Yamaha standards but are available for prices that are very competitive when compared to Used Yamaha Pianos.
If you are interested in buying any of these above mentioned series or model of Yamaha Pianos in Melbourne, check out Prestige Pianos for more information!

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