Yamaha's uncompromising insistence on superb sound and resonance, available at a price suitable for smaller budgets.Incorporating the exceptional design concept of Yamaha's coveted C Series, the beautiful GB1 baby grand piano produces a broad dynamic range with a superb sound.
We offer Free Delivery on this piano provided it is delivered to the ground floor (no more than 3 steps including threshold) within Mainland UK (excluding Scotland & Highlands). Sheargold Pianos Ltd, the piano specialists, are based in Maidenhead, Berkshire and Cobham, Surrey. Although this digital piano has built in amplification, with line outs for a sound enginer (if required), we can supply external sound reinforcement for both the piano, CD backgound music and Microphones for speech.
If there are any special requirements regarding delivery like stairs etc please speak to us before booking.
Yamaha Baby Grands are affordable pianos which can fit in small rooms and still you'll have extra space.
Another important note is that longer strings in a piano vibrate more accurately than the shorter ones.
Only when you put a baby grand piano in a room or in an average salon can you appreciate the advantages of a grand piano.

The baby grand can not be used as a concert piano since it is much smaller, producing sound that is non effective in concert halls. It has a special button which when pushed silences the strings, allowing only you to hear the piano when connected to headphones. Quality - Yamaha uses different materials and different process of producing for its various models. Therefore, you may find two pianos of the same size with a significant difference in price. Refinishing - Even two pianos of the same model may have a different price due to refinishing. Personally, I prefer paying for the quality of the internal parts of the piano, of course, it is up to you. You could buy a Kawai baby grand piano for around $12,000, to a full grand costing around $72,000.
I think the best value in a grand piano can be found in a rebuilt Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or Knabe.

They start at around $14,000 and these pianos will hold their value (and likely appreciate over time).
Or combine tradition with modern technology and try a Roland or Yamaha digital grand piano!
Yamaha offer a superb range of grand pianos right from their smallest baby grand piano (GB1K) right up to their concert grand CFS111. Now, thanks to cost-saving advantages and substantial refinements in materials and production, this expressive and uncommonly affordable instrument is better than ever. If you need to cancel the hire more than 7 days before the start of the hire, we will refund 50% of the fee.

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