Parfait pour les debutants et les pianistes confirmes, le modele ARIUS YDP141 integre une mecanique GHS avec des touches noires mates. Those who are new to pianos that want a model which has enough features under its bonnet to keep you captivated a good while should take a look at the Yamaha YPG635 88-Key Weighted Portable Grand. This attractive piano gives you many of the benefits of a grand piano like an authentic touch and grand sound without the high price tag. To get a considerably better digital piano you’ll need to pay more than a thousand dollars more, though the Casio AP420 Celviano is one to compare with in the same class of good mid priced boards.
The Yamaha YPG635 88-Key Weighted Portable Grand has a pretty responsive keyboard and the action mimics a grand fairly well by means of a scaled weighted keys. What we like about weighted keys is a person learning becomes accustom to the sound and feel of what a piano should feel like, something that’s been neglected in digital for some time. The USB to Host means you can record or play back MIDI files or transfer files to your computer.
A good way to think of the difference is by looking at a computer USB plugin port on your computer, and comparing it to the main USB plugin for the printer. The LCD Display makes for a nice information center as well as learning center, providing you have good eye sight as its a wee bit small. The weighted keys with grand piano action is a great feature for getting the feel of playing.
The Triple pedal is also a great feature, it delivers everything you need from full sustain, soft and left hand sustain.
The main ingredients to be pretty happy with a Piano are the feel and sound for most people. The Sound is also very good, the voices are accurate and an asset, it only lacks in the ability to produce reasonable volume. We wish they would have done better with the jacks, and ports and put them in the front but as we said the main ingredients are the feel and sound. The Yamaha YDP-141 Arius Piano is one of only two 88-key digital pianos that it currently makes, and it’s the only cabinet model. It has the look of an upright piano, but because it doesn’t require the height of an acoustic piano, it may fit into a smaller area than an acoustic. To make this digital piano sound as much like an acoustic piano as possible, Yamaha incorporates the following features toward that goal.
If you’ve ever played an acoustic piano, you know that you can increase or decrease the volume by how strongly you press on the keys. A Graded Hammer Standard keyboard on a Yamaha YDP-141 Arius Digital Piano allows nearly the same kind of response from your finger pressure meaning you don’t have to give up on sound variety with an Arius. Sampling means that the sounds of an acoustic piano are recorded at all ranges and volumes, digitally filtered, and added to the Arius sound system. The more samples used in putting the piano together, the better the timbre or quality of the expression. Those new to digital instruments may not know this, but it’s possible to actually run out of note sounds, particularly in faster sections of music. The Yamaha YDP-141 Arius Digital Piano allows for 64 notes to be played at once so that it takes longer to experience this digital need to catch up. A digital piano has extra bells and whistles, and the Yamaha YDP-141 Arius Digital Piano is no exception. It has a two-track recording ability that allows you to record one track, play it back and record another track on top of it.

User-friendly, comfortable with an excellent grand sound, the YDP-141 offers a lot for the beginner pianist.
If you have plans for a lot of studio work and recording, the Yamaha YDP-141 Arius Digital Piano is probably not a good choice. Know how you’re going to use your piano, and the Yamaha YDP-141 Arius Digital Piano may be just right for you.
If you’re looking for a digital piano that’s more than just a keyboard but not as big as a console, the Casio PX-830 Privia Digital Piano might be just what you want. The manufacturer calls the design “minimalist,” and at just under 74 pounds, has great portability. The Linear Morphing AiF sound source is a fairly new technology that developed as the result of constantly trying to achieve a grand piano sound in a digital piano. It means that, by raising the damper on a pedal in a certain way, you get the sound of open strings for an orchestral experience that few digital pianos have. Scaled hammer action means that the Casio PX-830 Privia keys give the weight and feel that are closer to a grand piano. The Privia Digital Piano cabinet is faux wood particle board which looks cheap in comparison to the glossy black finish of a real piano. Casio customer services are difficult to get on the phone according to some dealers so contacting them for support may prove difficult. Despite the efforts at designing a digital piano that sounds like a grand piano, there may not have been enough effort put into the outside quality of the Casio PX-830 Privia to qualify for a good recommendation.
A piano played by a beginning student needs to be sturdy, and this piano probably would not hold up, and the customer service for getting repairs is iffy as well. If you have a passion for the Piano but don’t have the space for a full size upright or baby grand, you may want to consider the Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano. But if you have a passion, you won’t be satisfied with a starter keyboard for long, so you’ll end up moving to a digital piano like this one. The Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano’s Linear Morphing AiF system is what delivers the Grand Piano tones. As important as sound is to the Piano experience, it’s almost equally important to the Pianist to have the feel of a quality piano, and this is made possible in the Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano by the 3-sensor hammer action. 3-sensor hammer action involves a new tri-sensor spring-less 88 note scaled hammer action technology, with weighted keys, which for most consumers is pretty close to what they are looking for.
Along with the action of the keys, the touch of the keys is equally apart of the playing experience. You can have great package of sound reproduction, key action, and even overall look but if the sound is crappy you have nothing.
The Casio AP420 Celviano utilizes a dual 20 watt speaker system that delivers a full and deep sound which is free of any tinny sounds normally associated with cheap speakers or poor amplification. If you are even remotely displeased with the sound you have options such as headphones which delivers excellent sound or included jacks to connect your own speakers. The duet mode is a nice feature especially for students who have a mentor sitting with them.
The construction of the Casio AP420 Celviano is pretty decent, the front legs take it to the level of furniture from that of most keyboard systems.
Not only does it sound very close to a fine acoustic piano but it has key action and feel to match. A highly recommended buy if you’re new to studying the piano over cheaper starters because you’ll want to move to this eventually anyways.

Sa sonorite de piano a echantillonnage dynamique 3 niveaux, reproduit parfaitement le naturel et les nuances d'un piano acoustique, vous offrant un reel plaisir de jeu. The keys are actually heavier scaled to lighter depending on position, heavier in low end and lighter in the high end.
The fact that the weight of the keys is more true from lower to high ends is icing on the cake. This means you have something to work with right out of the box as any investor would tell you it should be.
Two way mean two separate tweeters and woofers which makes the instruments sound more live. Lets face it, we’ve all heard sound systems without good bass, and if you want that, buy a 100 dollar keyboard because they all have it…junk. The Yamaha Education Suite is included and will help you to master piano learning via the easy to read display. A great way to learn is to listen to yourself, especially with a trained ear guiding you when you’re not preoccupied with trying to do. This part must have been designed by apartment tenant control committees who wanted to make sure you would never be too loud.
Stuff like that belongs on a front hidden panel like all computers adapted to for hooking up more easily. From that prospective the Yamaha YPG635 feels better than most you’ll come across even at higher prices, Yamaha did a great job with the realistic action.
So based on that the Yamaha YPG635 88-Key Weighted Portable Grand receives a strong buy recommendation. But if it’s for your home, the limited polyphony and lack of computer connections probably won’t matter a great deal.
Because the Casio isn’t the cheapest of Piano’s, its a bit more expensive than most starter keyboards though still affordable. The Casio AP420 Celviano uses matte finished keys which don’t feel like the cheap plastic ones found on most keyboards and digital pianos. Kind of in the same line is the ability to save your performance which is a great teaching tool even if your the teacher of yourself. While the price might be high compared to a department store piano, it’s really very inexpensive at the grand price range. Plus the Casio AP420 Celviano is great for small spaces like apartments both in size and headphone quality sound. De plus, l'effet demi-pedale permet de controler parfaitement le dosage de la pedale Forte. This is also great to record your or your childs progress from the first time you play to recitals.
La fonction Dual vous permet de melanger deux sonorites simultanement et la fonction d'enregistrement a 2 pistes capture vos interpretations musicales.

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