You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We offer Grand & Baby Grand Pianos from world class brands such as Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Petrof, Schimmel & more. We carry an extensive selection of upright pianos from some of the world’s most famous brands. Hybrid Pianos combine the elegance of an acoustic piano with the technological sophistication of its digital counterpart. For smaller spaces, or if you're looking for a more contemporary piano design, a digital piano may be best suited for you. Hybrid pianos combine the elegance, touch and tone of an acoustic piano, with the technological innovation of a digital piano. CAIFU Magazine held its First Annual Appreciation Event at Concord Pacific Place in downtown Vancouver.
On March 7, three students from our Vancouver Academy were invited to perform at the Annual BCRMTA Celebration of Excellence Recital. One of the goals of our Yamaha program is to encourage students to compose and perform their own compositions.
Students from our Tom Lee Music Academy were invited to perform at the newly opened Nordstrom Department Store in downtown Vancouver.
At only eleven years old, JJ Bui won first prize in CBC Music's 2016 Piano Hero competition with his phenomenal video performance of Chopin's Ballade No. The sixth annual Vancouver Luxury & Supercar Weekend wrapped up last weekend and as always – guests were mesmerized by all the innovative automobiles on display! For decades Steinway & Sons has cultivated special relationships with pianists from every genre. Explore the unique relationships and passion involved in creating a Yamaha piano; from design, to the factory, to Jamie Cullum performing in Tokyo.
It takes many skilled individuals to craft a single piano, each person contributing a part of themselves. Air: All pianos produced by Yamaha are carefully honed, so that every key can be ‘touched’ a thousand ways. Fire: It is metal casting, making piano frames from molten iron at Yamaha’s Iwata factory, which provides the strength in each piano that contributes to the unique sound. Silent Piano models allow the pianist to 'turn off' the acoustic sound and play in superb digital reproduction through stereo headphones. Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker's art. In a unique collaboration between East and West, Yamaha’s SE Series combines the meticulous precision for which Yamaha is renowned with the inspiration and warmth of Europe’s rich musical heritage. At the heart of the sound you’ll find European materials of the highest quality available; specially selected bass strings, hammers and soundboard, all sourced locally to make the SE a truly striking piano.
In order to give full support to artists, as well as for research and development, Yamaha maintains a global network of Artist Services centers staffed by expert piano technicians as well as artist relations specialists. The brilliant and critically acclaimed Italian concert artist Michele Campanella is the latest renowned pianist to join the rapidly growing ranks of official Yamaha artists playing CFX.

Michele Campanella is internationally known for his exceptional interpretation of the repertoire of Franz Liszt. As with many of Yamaha's artists, Michele Campanella is also an acclaimed educator and is passionate about teaching, sharing his exceptional skills and experiences with the next generation of young artists. The Yamaha CFX is now Michele's piano of choice and he comments “About ten years ago I was challenged to try a Yamaha Concert Grand CFIIIS. Throughout my career I have always been open minded to different forms of experiments and I've never looked at the piano's brand's name, but I rather listened with great attention, as I still do, to what the instrument “tells me”. Ten years later I am now a ‘Yamaha Artist’ – “These two words hold a profound meaning for me since they describe my long journey towards “The Sound”.
A 9 lab hosszu CFX egy teljes meretu koncertzongora, eroteljes mely tonus, szeles hangszinvalasztek jellemzi, a legkifinomultabb arnyalatokat is lehetseges rajta megszolaltatni. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive product and event news, exclusives, promotions and competitions! The brand new Yamaha MusicCast audio systems have been designed to revolutionize the enjoyment of music in everyday life. Stereo and AV receivers, PianoCraft micro hifi system and active hifi speakers support multi room system. Come to IFA in Berlin, visit us on our booth and have a picture taken of yourself and the YZR-M1 – the same motor bike that Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo drive during races – and you'll have the chance to win a great prize! But together, the artist and piano create music — such beautiful music that most professional pianists choose to perform only on Steinway pianos.
From classical pianists like Lang Lang, to jazz stars like Diana Krall, to pop icons like Billy Joel, and "immortals" like Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Arthur Rubinstein — more than 1,600 artists have chosen to make the Steinway Piano their own. It’s artist meeting artist, masters of craft and precision who come together to produce music. Their labours strive to create a piano that is as carefully honed as the artists that give the piano breath, artists like Jamie Cullum. From the perspective of every person involved in the creation of a piano with Jamie Cullum, it is artist meeting artist, masters of craft and precision who come together to produce music. The variations between these materials mean that a true craftsman is required to draw out the best in each piano.
It is this that gives each piano a personality, that lets a performer express emotion through their music. Yamaha is proud to present a comprehensive line of incomparable grands that reflect the company's continually evolving acoustic and technological advances. Drawing on the combined experience of European artists, technicians and artisans, Yamaha SE Series is designed to be the definitive upright piano in this highly discerning market. But what really takes Yamaha’s SE Series pianos to a higher level is the craftsmanship lavished by the same team as that which prepares our flagship CFX concert grands. Music Box Manchester does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, currency or completeness of this information and expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions in this information.
They are located in Paris, New York, Tokyo, London, Moscow, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, and beyond—it is an ever-growing network. Trained at the Vincenzo School in Naples he boasts a varied and extensive recording discography.

In 2014 he was awarded the title of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, an honour for outstanding contributions in the fields of the arts, literature and public service. A hang gazdag, megis a magas regiszterekben is tiszta, jol kihallatszik akar nagy koncerttermekben, meg egy szimfonikus zenekarbol is. However, our goal for these three Micro Component Systems was to maintain and even exceed previous levels of sound quality.
Playback high resolution sound sources, this HiFi system combines elegant design with high quality sound. Although each individual component is a little masterpiece of sound and design in itself, they only reveal their full multi-room potential when interacting with each other.
He is considered to be a Franz Liszt specialist and is much associated with the music of Maurice Ravel. Each note must carry a symphony of tonal colours, to create emotions at the intentions of the musician. No task has been too great and no detail has been overlooked in making these exquisite instruments: the ultimate embodiment of the piano makers’ art. Yamaha Artist Services staff can often be found at important piano competitions and festivals, where they build close relations with musicians while servicing their pianos. He also tours the world extensively, performing with many leading orchestras and as a solo artist. A CFX a Yamaha zaszloshajo modellje es a zongoragyartas tortenelmeben egy uj merfoldkovet jelent. We achieved this by concentrating the outstanding audio performance capabilities of our premier separate components into the small units of a micro component system. Each element must work in harmony with the others, and such elements can only be created by experienced artisans. A commitment to creating a perfect product; from forging the iron for the frame, through to choosing the perfect spruce that forms the soundboard of the piano, to playing a masterful piece of music. The concert pianists deeply appreciate such technical support, and the staff convey what they learn right back to Yamaha’s designers and production. We thus remained true to the Yamaha commitment to deliver sound that faithfully reproduces the natural rhythmic feeling and rich expressiveness of musical instruments and the human voice. Being constructed by Yamaha in Japan allows each individual piano to benefit from that craftsmanship, filled with detail and precision, to orchestrate beautiful music. Each craftsman carries a passion for their work; each understands that their contribution makes every piano more than the sum of its parts.
The passion of the audience at Jamie’s performance at the Orchard Concert Hall in Tokyo is the culmination of the passion of each craftsman at every stage of the process.

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