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Tryel,As a novice, you have been given great support on another Yamaha topic on this forum. Originally Posted By: TweedpipeTryel,As a novice, you have been given great support on another Yamaha topic on this forum. Thanks guys!I noticed one thing tryel mentioned also, about the silent feature.While trying to find various U1 models pictures, this cabinet design is similar as U1D. Yamaha US has started shipping the NU1 piano, an acoustic upright with the digital heart of a grand.
Players can also opt to practice quietly in the corner thanks to a pair of included headphone jacks, something that's simply not possible on a traditional acoustic piano. The keyboard benefits from 88 natural wood keys with variable touch sensitivity that run from A1 to C7, though the user does get the opportunity to select from seven different scales and alternate tunings. Yamaha Clavinova is celebrating its 30th birthday (1983 to 2013) – celebrate with us and enjoy lots of birthday surprises to mark 30 years of the Clavinova.
1986: Yamaha announce the CLP-50 and for the first time Yamaha's acclaimed AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling technology was heard - this new innovation featured digital recordings of the acoustic piano which produced a highly accurate reproduction of its traditional counterpart. 1990: The CLP-760 was launched and for the first time, Yamaha's AWM sampling technology became 'Stereo Sampling' for added realism.
1997: New design styles introduced including mini-grand piano cabinets increased the appeal of Clavinova to style-conscious customers. 2005: More design innovation was apparent in the highly acclaimed 'Slimline' Clavinova models aimed at modern living spaces. Yamaha U30A Upright piano for sale with a black case and fitted Disklavier MX100 player system: Modern Yamaha U30A upright piano. If you are interested in this Yamaha U30A upright piano, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements.
If you require more personal attention during your visit or would like to guarantee a quiet slot to try out our pianos in peace, we recommend you book a Meet & View appointment with Steven Leeming Head of Sales who will show you round and be able to answer all of your questions. If you require buying advice, we recommend making an appointment before coming down to the showroom.

I've owned this electric piano for 10 years and it show some wear do to constant use with a giging band and for many recording sessions.
It was like when I bought this unit 10 years ago and I never bothered to fix it since I never used that feature and because you can still turn it by pushing your finger against it. The seller told me that this piano is imported directly from Japan, and has 30 years of history.
Is this piano really that old and all original?It would appear so from the serial number and the style of the cabinet. New U1 here cost about 3.5 times more.The piano appear as new, I really wonder how they do it, or refurbishment? Unfortunately you now participate on this new subject and come out with a statement which is absolute nonsense. The latest addition to its hybrid product category, which includes 2009's AvantGrand, the new family member is being pitched to serious musicians who are short on space, but still want to experience the feel and sound of a high-end – and therefore much more expensive – concert grand.
In fact, the company says that it's so good as to be almost indistinguishable from a traditional acoustic. The user is offered a selection of five piano voices, including the CFX, 50 preset songs and five demos, and an included reverb effect. There's a damper (regular piano sustain) with half pedal effect, a sostenuto (for sustaining pressed notes, such as chords, while other notes are played staccato), and a soft pedal (for knocking the volume down a tad, while also slightly altering the timbre of the notes). This model also featured a new AE (Action Effect) keyboard mechanism which more accurately replicated the hammer action of the acoustic piano.
These advances provided the foundation for the modern-day Clavinova and saw the instruments being embraced by the music education establishment and conservatoires.
Launched at London's fashionable 'Sketch' the press preview was attended by design press and VIP guests including Jools Holland, Jonathan 'Jono' Coleman and James Nesbitt. Yamaha introduced RGE (Real Grand Expression) for CVPs, offering a simple and intuitive operating environment.
This piano is NOT 1930’s - it is 1963 as correctly stated by Yahn, and also Marty – an established authority on pianos, after reference to the Pierce Piano Atlas.You misunderstood the serial number. It features the same piano action used in acoustic pianos, while the sonic mimicry comes courtesy of digital samples of the company's hand-built CFX Concert Grand.

There's a metronome with tempo control, and a USB audio recorder port under the keyboard that allows musicians to take their best performances with them via an optional thumbdrive. And after thirty years, this digital piano, which revolutionised the music world, sounds better than ever.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Besbrode Pianos Leeds to anyone looking for a piano".
Over the past three decades, we have worked to continuously improve the touch, tone, response and appearance of the Clavinova.
It sounds sweet to me, though a bit mellow, especially compare to some brand of new pianos & my Clavinova. And eventually lead to conclude there're various mixed parts in this unit?If that's the case, back to my earlier question, how's the sound quality of "refurbish" compare to original?
Today, Clavinovas not only resemble a grand piano in terms of touch and sound, but also appeal because of their stylish design and clever functions.
Many models feature integrated learning systems, intuitive operation and colour touch screens whilst sophisticated sampling technology assures ultimate realism.The inspiration in the development of the Clavinova has always been its acoustic counterparts, the classic upright and grand pianos produced by YAMAHA. Even the most delicate nuances of touch, from pianissimo to fortissimo, are faithfully recorded and reproduced ensuring faithful sound reproduction. How much did you pay?The practice of professional sellers lying about the age of older Yamahas (especially grey-market) is very common unfortunately. You can even duet with yourself by playing simultaneously with the recorded music playback. Private party sellers often pass on the untruth because they are unaware of the bad info that was given them when they purchased. This means that an external MIDI instrument may be played automatically during playback as well as allowing a large variety of MIDI control configurations using sequencers and rhythm machines. This player system uses 3?-inch floppy disks and comes with a six disks featuring a selection of classical and jazz pieces.

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