Subscribe to Our NewsletterGet latest information about new launches and instrumentsWe will never share your email. It takes dedication and a determined attitude to begin with, but when you start playing tunes it becomes enjoyable. Yamaha DGX505 is a piano-focused electronic keyboard with 88 piano-style keys, wooden stand and sustain pedal. It has weighted Graded Hammer Standard action with matte finish black keys and a wide selection of Voices.

Yamaha L85 Keyboard Stand for P35-B, P85, P95 or P105-B Beautiful Black Finish (Stand Only) Item Code: L85.
The LP5A gives the user the same type of pedals found on acoustic grand pianos; Sustain, sostenuto and soft control. I have little talent, so it took several years before I got to the end of ‘The Yellow Rose Of Texas’ without a mistake. Selecting a sound is as easy as keying in a number, and recording performances is simple with the built-in recorder.

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