Total Yamaha PSR-K1 Entertainment Station bundle including keyboard, music microphone, rest and holder cap, Smart Media (TM) Card (memory card), accessory CD-ROM, and Owner's Manual. Ramseys is happy to provide this Youthful Chang child marvelous; A leader in globally piano manufacturing, Youthful Chang brings to you a Yamaha-like playability and feel at a portion of the price.
For sale is an almost new Bugera G5 Infinium Tube Amplifier Head and a Bugera 112TS 80W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet. The new Yamaha Tyros2 is a never-ending source of inspiration – for playing, recording, learning, creating and performing. Yamaha introduces a completely new level of sonic realism and musical expressiveness with a brand new technology: Super Articulation. Tyros2 has a professional FSX keyboard action that is smooth, fast and responsive and is the only Arranger Workstation from Yamaha that is equipped with both initial touch and after touch, so that you can dynamically and expressively control the level of the voices with your playing strength, just as on an acoustic instrument. Tyros2 has two enormously powerful features that let you craft your own Voices: Voice Creator and Voice Set. Voice Creator allows you to import your own audio samples and waveforms, and assign them to the keys as desired – letting you build completely new Voices with completely new sounds.
Voice Set provides tools for editing a Voice – changing its filter, envelope and vibrato settings, as well as making modulation assignments and adjusting the EQ and effects. The end result is a Custom Voice that can be selected and played just like all the other Tyros2 Voices. One of the first things you notice about Tyros2 is its beautiful extra-large, full-color, high-resolution display.
When we gave the Tyros2 an extra large display, we decided to give it some extra display features as well. The MegaVoices deliver enhanced realism and expression, and are designed primarily for MIDI recording purposes.
Tyros2 has over 500 dynamic, realistic Voices, covering virtually every instrument category in the real world – as well as other-world-like sounds! If you're looking for a pro backing band to support your performance, Tyros2 has everything you could ask for – and more. Thanks to the comprehensive features of the built-in 16-track MIDI sequencer, Tyros2 is truly a songwriter's delight. The accompaniment power of Tyros2 extends far beyond the hundreds of professionally arranged built-in styles of the instrument. Once you've connected your computer, extend the musical potential of the Tyros2 with our powerful software. Tyros2 has a wealth of features that enhance your music studies, making it both fun and easy to learn new songs.
Forums for general discussion about Arranger features including Styles, a "Newbie" section, Technical Topics for pros, recording on an Arranger Workstation keyboard etc.
The PSR1500 represents a huge step up in technology and sound for the entry-level position of Arranger Workstation products from Yamaha. USB TO HOST is plug and play simple for recording and playing back MIDI files, as well as transferring data to and from your computer. USB TO DEVICE is for connecting optional peripheral USB storage devices like floppy disk drives, thumb drives and hard drives. For that great vintage organ sound, the Organ Flutes on the PSR-1500 use Modeling Technology – independently oscillating voices to simulate the rotating tone generation wheels found in classic organs. For the utmost in simplicity, compatibility and portability, the PSR-1500 features SmartMedia storage (card optional), offering up to 128MB of high-speed access to songs, styles, registration memory and user voices. The PSR-1500 features Styles (accompaniment patterns) in a variety of different musical genres including Rock, Jazz, Latin, Country and Dance.
There are many tools in the keyboard that make it easy to be a power user from the first day you own the keyboard.
Direct Access button: Press this button and the function you would like to adjust, for example pitch bend, and the LCD screen instantly takes you there.
One Touch Setting (OTS): Provides you with a recommended voice with effects for each section of a Style (4 per style). Multi Pads: These four buttons change to match the genre of each Style (or you can change them yourself) and can be used to play a number of short pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences that can be used to add impact and variety to your keyboard playing.
Built-in Help: Help messages give you explanations and descriptions of the main functions and features found in the keyboard. Demo: In addition to the main demos showing some of the more advanced features found in the keyboard, there is also a short demo for every sound.
Mixing Console: To change voices, adjust levels, panning, transpose, tuning, pitch bend and effects on various tracks or parts that you play, simply press the Mixing Console button and make adjustments using graphical representations of rotary pots and faders.
Registration Memory: Set the keyboard up just the way you like and take a digital snapshot by memorizing it to one of the Registration buttons. Purchased in 1972, very good condition, very responsive action, 1 owner--moving, no longer have room.
Not even a month old, they sound awesome, but I just decided to go the effects processor route as I need something more mobile.
Balanced tone; much higher quality than a rental instrument, perfect for high school students looking for something in a reasonable price range with quality tone.

Revolutionary Super Articulation Technology delivers the best and most expressive voices we've ever put into a keyboard. The richly expressive, authentic sounds and the powerful, dynamic rhythms get your creative juices flowing like no other instrument. Just play as normal and Super Articulation delivers MegaVoice authenticity to the melody that you play, adding unique performance characteristics of each instrument - for example, the expressive finger-slides on guitar, or the breathy, legato phrasing of a saxophone.
It allows you to directly record the sound of the instrument to an optional installed hard disk drive as digital audio data – for pristine, absolutely noise-free audio quality. For added convenience, you can auto-load an entire library of voices when you turn the keyboard on. The adjustable display tilts up for ease in viewing, and shows all important settings and parameters at a glance. The USB connections built into the instrument let you freely exchange and save your important data, and use your computer to take full control over the comprehensive Tyros2 features. These include display of the song notation (score) and lyrics (for songs that have score and lyric data). Since they make special use of velocity switching, with completely different sounds in the various velocity ranges, they are meant not for playing but for programming. In the Organ Flutes section, there's a wealth of preset organ sounds from Theatre to Jazz, Classical to Rock – including a set of on-screen virtual tone bars that let you adjust the individual flute footages, just as on an actual organ.
The 400 built-in Styles, each with 15 different "sections" on-call at a button press, and the wealth of versatile real-time controls give you the power to perform fully arranged songs – instantly, intuitively and interactively.
The added vocal harmony parts instantly follow the chords you play or pre-programmed parts in MIDI files and you can even select different harmony styles to match the music.
It allows you to easily record your keyboard performance in real time or use the Step Record feature to enter each note individually.
With the versatile Style Creator feature, you can change the content of existing styles or even create your own new, original styles from scratch. Included with the instrument is the Tyros2 Voice Editor, which gives you comprehensive, easy-to-use control over the voice and effect parameters via the graphical user interface. The Follow Lights and Any Key keyboard practice functions pause song playback and wait for you to play the correct notes. Install a hard disk drive inside the instrument and gain massive storage capability for your Custom Voices, Styles, Registrations and song data – as well as storage for audio created with the Hard Disk Recorder function.
Advanced features like USB "To Device" for connecting to the Internet and connecting peripheral storage devices like floppy disk drives or hard drives, modeled organ with nine virtual drawbars, a large display screen for score and lyrics, 96-note polyphony for dense sections of music, internal user memory for storing songs and other data, full XG and GM2 compatibility and 32 channels of MIDI via USB. USB TO DEVICE is also used for connecting the keyboard to the Internet using an optional USB-Ethernet or USB Wi-Fi adaptor. For example, the ample 320 x 240 screen on the PSR-1500 is able to show you mixer settings at a glance, Internet information, the chords you are playing, what sounds are on the right and left side of the keyboard, what Style or MIDI file is currently playing, virtual drawbars, score and lyrics. Unlike audio files, MIDI songs and styles are small files, allowing you to store literally hundreds of your favorite tunes on a card that is not much bigger than a postage stamp. As you play chords with your left hand, the selected Style will automatically provide drums, bass, guitar, strings, organ and horn parts. The stereo speaker system in the PSR-1500 has been specially designed to faithfully reproduce the powerful dynamics and subtle overtones of the onboard voices and music styles. The keyboard selects an appropriate voice for the right hand melody, the correct musical style and the correct tempo. Recording starts as soon as you start playing the keyboard and will record everything you play – the Style, Left & Layer Voices and Multi pads – or a single track. I wanted to learn but never found the time, figured it's time to sell so someone else can enjoy it.
400 dynamic accompaniment styles meticulously recreate every nuance of the world's most popular musical genres. With the intelligent, easy-to-use performance features and the new audio recording functions, Tyros2 is a treasure chest of inspiration for all your musical applications – from songwriting and demo recording to arranging and live performance.
Never before have stringed, wind and brass instruments – played live with a keyboard – sounded so convincing or so real!
Naturally, you can record your voice, guitar or other acoustic and electric instruments as well, and mix them with the Tyros2 sound.
Tyros2 ships with 4 MB of sample RAM which you can easily expand to 1 GB using standard computer RAM, giving you plenty of capacity for samples. The display signal can also be sent to an external TV – perfect for sing-a-long events and houses of worship, or monitor - perfect for home studios and permanent installations. With just a single USB connection, you can access both MIDI ports, giving you up to 32 channels of MIDI recording. A special Text Display function allows you to show text files you've created on the computer – making it possible to display lyrics for songs that don't have lyric data, or for creating your own onscreen chord charts, song memos and registration notes. Tyros2 is instantly reconfigured, with the proper Voices and effects, for playing in that style of music.
It features over 1800 preset records – each with its own specially selected Style and Voice settings and choice of four registrations. For example, a guitar MegaVoice has various specific performance techniques assigned to different velocity ranges – making the voice difficult to "play" in real time (because of the precise velocities needed), but very useful when creating realistic tracks with MIDI data, especially when you want to avoid using several different voices just to make a single instrumental part.

If you need to spice up your performance, the Multi Pads give you a wide selection of one-shot phrases and special loops you can easily trigger while you play. Or combine various parts from different styles and come up with unusual "hybrid" accompaniments. Since data is transferred between the computer and Tyros2 in real time, you can play the voice as soon as you've edited it.
Follow Lights even has a bouncing orange ball in the display to show you in real time what melody notes to play. You'll need your computer to activate an account, but once that's done, you can browse through songs and styles and download music directly into your keyboard, play it, score it and learn it – no computer required. The bottom line is that since it's your window into how the music is being created – you might as well make it a big one.
For example, on a jazz style, one OTS might be piano, the next jazz guitar with a little echo, the third sax with reverb and the forth might be piano and vibes layered. Select an XF compatible song, press the Performance Assistant button and every note you play will fit the music. With the brand new Hard Disk Recorder, you can not only record what you play, but also what you sing to an optionally installed hard disk drive. Tyros2: inspired by nature, perfected by technology, created for your personal inspiration. The recording is a simple stereo file, but you can freely overdub additional parts as desired – with little to no loss of sound quality.
Two separate USB to DEVICE terminals are included – one conveniently on the front panel–letting you easily connect storage devices such as USB memory sticks.
For example, rather than playing along with a MIDI file with embedded lyrics, you could play a song completely live by using a built-in Style and still have the convenience of lyrics and chords in the display. While playing choruses in the Bebop Style, for example, you can instantly switch from solo piano to trumpet with just a single button press. Voice categories give you a huge palette of acoustic and electronic instrument sounds, using a mixture of stereo and multilayered samples to fully capture the natural presence, resonance, expression and vibrato of the real instruments.
For finer control, you can separately enter chord progressions and pattern variations using Step Record, and automatically clean up the timing of your recorded parts with the Quantize features. You can connect the keyboard directly to your computer, using the USB jack on the back, and transfer songs and styles from your computer to the card. For even greater diversity, this keyboard is the first in the line to offer four sections to the built-in Styles.
However, to help you get the most out of them, Tyros2 has an "online" Information window that provides performance details on each voice – that pops up at the touch of a button. Moreover, if you have a computer and audio editing software, you can also edit the sound file as needed, and then re-import it to Tyros2. With Voice Creator sample playback capability, you can load sample in WAV and AIFF format, offering an almost unlimited range of sounds that you can buy off the shelf. What's more, Tyros2 has a comprehensive set of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) tools – effects that let you enhance the sound in a variety of ways (for example, with reverb, chorus or EQ), or completely transform it. With Karao-Key, you can control the song and accompaniment playback with just one finger, while you sing along. For the ultimate in user control, if the MIDI file is an XF file with embedded chord data, you can re-mix it. Or, if you don't plan on having the two devices in the same room, simply pick up a memory card reader for your computer from your favorite electronic supply store and transfer data that way. For example, you could use the A section for the Verse, B section for the Chorus, C for the Bridge and D for a Solo. Simply play a key on the keyboard in time with the music (any key is fine) and the accompaniment parts of the song follow your playing. The keyboard will follow the chords in the song and replace appropriate tracks with auto accompaniment tracks like bass, drums, horns and guitar. For those that have large collections of MIDI data on floppy disk, you can connect an optional USB floppy drive (like the Yamaha UD-FD01 shown at right) and transfer the data directly to a SmartMedia card. In addition, each Style has three different Intros and Endings with dedicated panel buttons, and will automatically fill, if you like, between sections. Play a perfect arpeggio, or play chords in time with the music, or really go for it and play a solo. Vocal CueTime helps you learn how to sing, monitoring your voice and pausing playback until you sing the notes correctly. For example, you can take a Rock song and convert it in real time to Latin, Jazz, Country or Hip Hop. And with Yamaha's interactive Guide Mode, even a novice can learn to play their favorite music. Simply start a song, press Guide, and the keyboard highlights the notes on sheet music in the display screen and slows down or even waits for you to find the notes.

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