In January of 2008, Yamaha released the Yamaha p95 to the market and it was met with rave reviews. This review is dedicated to informing you about the Yamaha p105 and how it compares to the Yamaha p95.
We will start this review by mentioning which of the great features of the Yamaha p95 have been carried over into the Yamaha p105. With that covered, let’s turn our attention to how the Yamaha p105 is so much better than the previously coveted Yamaha p95.
One of the neat advantages of an electric piano over an acoustic piano is it’s ability to play different sounds. The Yamaha p105 introduces Pianist Styles that give you the ability to turn your chords into great accompaniments. One thing piano tutors in particular missed in the Yamaha p95 is the ability to split the keyboard for teaching purposes.
It is also good to know that there is an auto power off function included in the Yamaha p105 for those of us that get distracted or called away and don’t get a chance to power off the keyboard manually. All these excellent features would not count for much if the keyboard itself did not sound great when you played it. Easiest to understand is that the polyphony has doubled from a respectable 64 note polyphony to the 128 note polyphony that comes with the Yamaha p105. The Yamaha p95 featured the celebrated AVM technology which was used to sample their classic grand piano’s and thus give this keyboard it’s great piano sound.
Add to this that the Yamaha p105 has Intelligent Acoustic Control which balances bass and treble whatever volume you are playing at and you have an incredibly good sounding keyboard. If there was one problem with the Yamaha p95 that bugged the most people it was its lack of connectivity options.
It possessed a combination of technology, authenticity and affordability that competing electric keyboards found difficult to match. If Yamaha was an electric keyboard monarchy, this video is much like the proclamation “The King is dead, long live the King”.

When you have these options on hand you are given the ability to create truly unique performances and interpretations of your favourite songs. Whether you want Arpeggio, Rag, Jazz, Slow Rock or Waltz, they are all there as well as 5 other styles.
Fortunately this is where the Yamaha p105 truly excels and has made significant enhancements from the p95.
This means that even the most demanding of pieces will come across clearly, and this applies in Duo mode as well.
I spoke about it in my review of this otherwise awesome keyboard as being something that was overlooked in the design and many people have lamented this lack along with me. The P-105 is equipped with USB TO HOST to connect directly to your computer so you can use it with a variety of education, notation and music production applications. But there is a new king, one that took the very best of the previous model, improved upon what was already very good and rectified that which had been an oversight in design. Some keyboards are so big and heavy that you just about put your neck out getting them from place to place. Furthermore you can adjust the keyboards touch sensitivity from Soft to Medium to Hard or Fixed which allows for an even more personalized playing experience.
The p105 also has 10 built in Rhythm patterns to add extra life to your performance as well as a metronome whereas the p95 had a metronome only.
This allows for the keyboard to be split into two even parts so that piano lessons can be conducted without tutor and pupil having to leave their place at the keyboard.
Also easy to appreciate is that where the p95 had 6W speakers, the p105 has 7W speakers which allow for more powerful and dynamic expression of your performance.
This piano sound was recorded from Yamaha’s renowned CFIIIS (pronounced Cee-Eff-Three-Ess) concert grand piano, a piano used by leading pianists on the biggest stages all around the globe. Also included is an AUX LINE OUT to connect to a computer sound card, mixing console or powered speakers. The excellent thing was that being part of the revered P series, the Yamaha p105 is a seriously competitively priced instrument.

So you can imagine how excited I am to let you know that in September of 2012 Yamaha released the Yamaha p105, the upgrade to the Yamaha p95 that makes that wonderful keyboard and so many of its competitors seem out of date. Just the fact that you can most likely carry this keyboard with one hand makes it worth every penny. Should you want to record your performances you have more ability to do so as the p105 has 70% more memory for recorded songs than the p95 did, so now you can record over 18,500 notes!
This feature is also excellent if you and your special someone both play keyboard and producing a duet is your idea of a good time. What is truly impressive however is that the p105 speakers are true-circle speakers which vibrate naturally with excellent balance to bring about full, rich, low-frequencies. Now you are able to get this sound in an affordable electric keyboard which just blows my mind; we may all love to own a grand piano of this caliber but how many can afford to buy one let alone afford the space that would be required to house it? You get a heck of a lot of technology for your dollar and this means more joy for more people.
Imagine how easy it is to take this keyboard to various gigs or maybe to the homes of your family and friends so you can share your musical ability with them. It is also great that since it’s a true line-output, the built-in speakers stay on for monitoring purposes as opposed to automatically turning OFF when using the more common headphone output. On top of this, I have sourced the best deal online for this magnificent keyboard where you can get a double digit discount at time of recording as well as free shipping. To me this makes buying the Yamaha p105 a no-brainer for the serious pianist looking for a high quality portable keyboard at a great price.

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